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Acient Greece Crossword Puzzle

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acient greece

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Across Down
1 a traditional story usually from historical time
5 woman had to be this to have strong kids
7 young boys sent here in groups with no tools or food
8 this brought great weath to athens
9 'father of democracy' acient greece ruler increaces size of council that government athens to 500
10 strong man who siezed power by force to rule for good people
12 a goverment run by the people
13 cheif of state of ancient athens
14 highest moutian in greece
15 controlled movement of the sun
16 to order the creation of somthing such as a pice of art
17 legendary half bull half man
19 cheif god
20 upper forified part of an acient greece city
23 another word for great pride
2 another word for foot soliers
3 athenian statesman encoureged the spread of democracy in athens and growth of city and states power
4 made into by messenians another word is slave state
6 the type of government system where all people vote direct on issue
11 basic political unit in greece
13 greek god of medicine
18 market place/public place
21 military form composed of rows of soldiers standing shouder to shouder
22 athenian statesman intoduced first civil democracy
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