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Autism Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 Symptoms of ASD must be present in _____ __________.
7 People diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome experience feelings of _________.
10 Cold and unresponsive mothers
12 Meaningless repetition of another person's spoken words.
13 The Institute of Medicine concluded rejection of a relationship between ________ and autism.
14 Asperger Syndrome often exhibit numerous ______ language behaviors.
17 People with Autism are either ________ or hypo-responsive to particular stimuli
18 The diagnosis rate of ASD is _______________.
20 Many infants and young children with autism display a lack of _____ ______, the process of one person alerting another to a stimulus via nonverbal means.
21 Neurological mixing of the senses.
23 Children with autism usually have a ______ brain and head size.
24 Autistic's have extreme difficulty with ________ and depend on a consistent schedule.
1 Like autism, but without significant impairments in cognition and language.
2 Children with ASD excel at putting ________ together and building blocks.
3 The most effective early intervention programs are ______, highly structured, and involved families.
4 50% of Autistic's are thought to be ____.
5 The natural inclination for most people to bring order and meaning to information in their environment.
8 Prevalence is 4 times higher for ____.
9 Type of vaccine thought to cause ASD.
11 Comprehensive approach that emphasizes positive reinforcement or rewarding of desired behaviors.
15 Flapping, rocking, spinning, or repetition of words and phrases.
16 Evidence indicates that ________ as well as spontaneous genetic mutations are involved in causing autism.
19 Some have come to refer to persons with autism as having an extreme male brain due to high levels of _______.
21 Someone who shows serious developmental delays but also shows remarkable ability or talent.
22 Extreme social withdrawal and impairment in communication; often includes stereotyped movements, resistance to change, and unusual responses to sensory experiences.
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