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Bible Geography Crossword Puzzle

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Bible Geography

Locations Mentioned in Matthew through Revelation

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Across Down
3 The city near to the place where the glorified Christ appeared to Saul, also called Paul.
5 From Jerusalem you travel DOWN to this city
12 A region east of the Sea of Galilee that means Ten Cities
13 Where Joseph (who begged the body of Jesus from Pilate) was from
14 Name of the brook flowing between Jerusalem and Gethsemane
16 The place of a skull
18 The city of David
19 Mars Hill
20 A town near Bethany
23 An island in the Mediterranean
24 The Jordan River flows into this sea
25 River connecting the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea
1 A place north of Judea
2 A road where Jesus met two travelers
4 A city in Galilee
5 From Jericho you travel UP to this city
6 Another word for Golgotha
7 A city where believers in Christ were first called 'Christians'
8 A city in Galilee, the city of Andrew and Peter
9 The Jordan River flows into this sea
10 The city where Jesus was raised.
11 A place where Jesus resorted to pray.
15 The country whereunto Joseph, Mary, and the infant Jesus fled
17 Another word for the Mount of Olives
20 The town where Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived
21 Island where John received the Revelation
22 A place in Jerusalem that means 'The pavement'
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