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Black Music Legends Crossword Puzzle

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Black Music Legends

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Across Down
3 Once dubbed the hardest working man in show business & the Godfather of Soul.
4 A Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.
5 Soulful singer killed by his ignorant father.
6 Talented gospel legend best known as the revered Queen of Gospel.
8 Only original member of the Gap Band that is still performing.
9 The King of Pop.
11 Current famous black country music artist.
12 She turned a Dolly Parton song into a major hit.
15 Soulful balladeer & Grammy Award winner for a song about his deceased father.
17 She was the lead singer in a group of her relatives until she stepped out on her own.
18 Known by his mononym, he is a wild singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor.
19 A famous blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist who recently died.
20 Large R&B singer known for his distinctive bass-baritone voice and romantic song image.
21 Former member of the Supremes, she left the group to start her own successful career.
22 Guitarist, singer & songwriter, a pioneers of rock & roll music who danced with his guitar.
1 Legendary soul singer whose career spanned 7 decades, died a year ago this month at age 70
2 Sometimes referred to as Chocolate Soul,known for his musical score for the film Shaft.
3 One of the most influential electric guitarists in the history o fPsychedelic rock music.
7 Queen of Soul
10 R&B, soul, gospel, & traditional pop singer, known for the song 'When a Man Loves a Woman'
13 A founding member of the Commodores, he is also a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer & actor
14 Blind musician that dabbled in country and classical sounds also.
16 Blind singer who also played the harmonica.
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