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Branches OF Government Crossword Puzzle

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Branches of Government

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2 Which court sees only 150 cases per year?
4 How many branches of government are there?
5 How many Senate members does each state elect?
8 The number of seats that each state has in the House of Representatives is based on ________?
9 The Supreme Court has nine _______?
10 The leader of the House of Representatives is called the _______ of the House?
11 The Senate is part of which branch?
14 The Supreme Court justices serve for life or until ______.
15 The President can reject laws by ______ them.
16 Who appoints the Supreme Court justices?
17 The President has to be born a ______ of the United States
18 The Supreme Court holds session from October through _____.
1 Before you can become President you must live in the United States for how many years?
3 Which branch is responsible for enforcing laws?
6 How many Supreme Court justices have to vote yes to take a case?
7 The Judicial Branch is responsible for interpreting laws in regards to the _______?
12 A President can be _______ by the House of Representatives
13 The Legislative Branch's responsibility is to make _____?
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