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Cakes, Pies, And Cookies Crossword Puzzle

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Cakes, Pies, and Cookies

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Across Down
4 Main ingredient to provide structure in a cake, pie, or cookie
5 Tenderizes the gluten
9 Cookie that has a high proportion of fat, long roll, cut and sliced after chilled
10 the dough as little as possible to prevent overdeveloping the gluten
11 Cookie that is made in a square pan and cut up into squares.
14 Cake that contains fat and a leavening agent, are tender, moist and velvety
16 This ingredient needs to be beaten until stiff and folded into the batter
17 pie is made from eggs, milk and sugar
19 It is important to __ the ingredients correctly
1 pie usually has two crusts or a bottom crust and crumb or lattice crust
2 pie is light and air, one crust, and contains gelatin
3 Cookie that is shaped by hand
5 A good pastry dough is tender and __.
6 is an ingredient usually found only in unshortened cakes.
7 is used to make main dish pies and four basic kinds of dessert pies
8 Cookie that is created from a cookie press; example is spritz
12 Ccookie that has a stiff dough and will make sugar cookies
13 pie is one crust
15 Improve flavor and color, coagulate with flour protein to provide structure
18 Cookie is is a soft dough used to make chocolate chip cookies
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