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Constitution Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                  P   A              
                                  R   P              
                                  O   P           S  
                                  V   O           U  
                    C O M M A N D E R I N C H I E F  
        I M P E A C H                 N           F  
                    E                 T           R  
O A T H O F O F F I C E                           A  
                    K                             G  
      E L E C T O R S                             E  
                    A                           P    
                  I N F E R I O R C O U R T S   A    
                    D                           R    
                    B                           D    
                    A                   V       O    
                    L E G I S L A T I V E B R A N C H
                    A               N   T     M      
                    N               D   O     E      
        R A T I F I C A T I O N     I         N      
                    E               C         D      
            T R E A S O N           T         M      
                                    M         E      
                                    E         N      
                                    N         T      
Across Down
4 the President in his role as commander of all armed forces
5 to formally accuse the president of misconduct in office
6 oath taken by a person before undertaking the duties of an office
7 voters
9 courts with less authority than the Supreme Courts
11 makes laws
14 act of official confirmation
15 the crime of betraying one's county
1 to consent or agree to
2 to select or designate to fill an office or position
3 the right to vote
4 the ability of each branch of government to exercise checks, or controls, over the other branches
8 the action of forgiving or being being forgiven for an error or offense
10 to prevent from becoming a law
12 a written statement issued by a grand jury charging a person with a crime
13 addition to a document
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