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Continental Drift Crossword Puzzle

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Continental Drift

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Across Down
10 This occurs at divergent boundaries where new ocean floor is formed.
11 When denser rock is pushed down into the mantle so that it melts back into magma.
12 The edges of Earth's plates where two or more plates meet
14 Underwater mountain chains - formed at a divergent boundary due to the piling up of magma.
16 This is a theory developed by Alfred Wegener that states that Earth's plates were once one huge landmass and over years they were broken apart and drifted to their present location.
17 The movement of material caused by changes in temperature.
19 When two plates move apart.
21 A German scientist that developed the theory of continental drift. He did not have any proof although he based his theory on the fact that the continents looked like pieces of a puzzle that fit together.
22 The pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in slow, constant motion and float on convection currents in the mantle.
1 The layer of earth on which the crust floats
2 This happens when the earth's crust buckles in a wavelike pattern, creating hills or mountains
3 A trace of an ancient organism (animal or plant) that has been preserved in rock.
4 An unproven idea
5 Hot molten rock in the mantle
6 When two plates move toward each other.
7 A v-shaped valley formed at a subduction zone
8 The name that Alfred Wegener gave to Earth's one huge landmass that existed 300 million years ago. It means all Earth.
9 This is a highly active volcanic area around the Pacific Ocean
13 A break in the earth's crust where earthquakes can happen
15 The innermost layer of the earth
18 This is a large wave caused by earthquakes
20 The flat space between the mid-ocean ridges at a divergent boundary, it consists of new ocean floor.
23 The thin, outer surface of the earth
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