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DO You Know Your Music%3f Crossword Puzzle

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Do you know your music?

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Across Down
6 They have won 7 Grammy awards
7 Their smash hit was 'Hotel California’
8 His nickname is 'The boss'
15 Who is the lead singer from the Cure
19 They released 437 songs over their time
20 He died in 1997
22 He started performing at a young age in a group of 5 boys. Then later went on to perform by himself.
23 His music career started after he came second in Australian Idol 2003
24 There lead singer moved to Spain after performing in their farewell concert in 2010
25 She had the smash hit 'Call me Maybe'
27 They have sold over 120 million albums
28 Their bass guitarist is Gene Simmons
29 He had the hit 'Good Feeling'
1 Her hit song 'Love Story' was released in 2008
2 They perform together as sister, their last name is Origliasso
3 Which video shoot did Madonna meet her 1st husband, Sean Penn.
4 They performed their Nitro Circus Concert in 2011
5 He burst into the industry after he won X Factor
9 They have played songs such as Californication and Blood Sugar Sex Magik
10 They are an Irish rock band from Dublin
11 Hayley Williams is their lead vocalist
12 She was brought up in a Catholic household
13 He was born on June 7, 1958
14 What band did Freddie Mercury sing in?
16 She named her daughter Blue Ivy Carter
17 She is married to Carey Hart
18 Their first performance was in 2001 in Rio De Janeiro
21 He has a tattoo of a goat on his arm
23 He burst into the music industry through his smash hit 'Somebody that I used to know'
26 Victoria Beckham sung in this girl group
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