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Ecosystem Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 a group of parts that work together as a unit
8 everything that surrounds and affects an animal
9 a behavior an animal begins life with
10 a body part or behavior that helps an animal meet its needs in its environment
11 an animals color or pattern that helps it blend in with its surroundings
14 a period when an animal goes into a long deep sleep
16 a living thing that feeds on the waste of plants and animal
18 a group of food chains that overlap
19 a group of living things and the environment they in
20 the environment that meets the needs of an organism
21 a living thing that can make in own food
22 an animal hunted for food
1 a series of organisms that depend on each other for food
2 an animal that eats only meat
3 a living that can not make its own food and eats other living things
4 the average weather over a long time
6 the series of changes form egg to adult
7 an adaptation which an animal looks like another animal
12 an animal that eats both plants and animals
13 movement of an animal from one region to another and back again
15 an animal that eats just plants or producer
17 a consumer
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