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Explorers Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 the explorers were looking to find this in the Orient
2 the country Cartier and Champlain were from
4 he explored the coast of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and built a fort and a place they call Mount Royal
6 relationship formed by the First Nations tribe and Champlain who fought together against the Haudenosaunee
7 explorer sent by the king of France to find a western route to the Orient
9 name of river Champlain sailed on
10 something miners find that think its gold
12 the first nations taught the Europeans this as a way to get food
13 fort built by Champlain and his people that was surrounded by both wooden walls and a moat and draw bridge
15 the first nations exchanged furs and meats with the Europeans for tods and utensils
16 a compass like tool which told Europeans how far North the equator they were on a Voyage
18 place the explorers where trying to find a western route to
1 village of the Haudenosaunee people that Cartier traveled to
3 the King of France offered this to which merchants that took settlers to new France
4 people who portage
5 small and sturdy ships used by the explorers which sailed close to the shore
8 the Coureurs de Bois did this with their canoes when it became too difficult to paddle
11 a disease if you dont eat enough vitamin C, that Europeans got
14 chief of the Haudenosaunee group who told Cartier about the great river
17 a main trading post on the St Lawrence River
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