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Groundwater Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Any material that allows water to penetrate through
5 To increase the amount of groundwater through precipitation or surface water that absorbs into the aquifer; also called infiltration
6 Fertilizing material consisting of organic decaying matter
7 a hole or shaft drilled into the earth to pump water to the surface
10 capable of being broken down by living things like microorganisms and bacteria
11 Same as water cycle; The never-ending movement of water through the atmosphere, ground and back again
12 The area where water fills the spaces between soil, sand and rock underground
13 Stage of the water cycle when water vapor molecules become too large and heavy to remain in the atmosphere and fall to the ground in the form of rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.
16 An impurity in air, soil or water that can help cause harm to human health or the environment
20 Stage of the water cycle when water transforms from a liquid into a gas
21 To leak from
22 To expel; water that naturally moves from an aquifer to a surface stream or lake
23 An extended period of dry weather
26 Not wasting, using something wisely
28 Same as contamination
29 To produce a new item from an old item; to reuse parts of
30 To be at a high degree of excellence; something that is good or well done
31 Using more than necessary; wasteful
1 Underground pipes in tanks that stores and dispose of human waste
3 Any chemical used to improve soil and promote plant growth
4 Water contained under the grounds surface, between particles of and in the cracks of sand, soil and gravel; a common source of water for drinking and irrigation
7 the top of the saturation zone
8 Something that is dangerous; unsafe
9 The movement of groundwater beneath the earth's surface
14 Container that stores potentially hazardous chemicals above or below ground
15 Stage of the water cycle when water transforms from a gas into a vapor becomes suspended in the atmosphere visually represented by clouds
17 Same as recharge
18 the geologic formation of sand, soil and gravel where groundwater is stored
19 Water that does not become absorbed by the earth but flows across the surface of the land into a stream or lake
24 Occurs when water is used faster than it is replaced; can cause a shortage
25 A low area of land that is filled in with layers of garbage and soil
27 To supply water to crops, parks, golf courses and lawns
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