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Hydro Labs Developer Crossword Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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Hydro Labs Developer Crossword Puzzle

How well do you know Hydro?

                            2       3      
                        4               5  
                7 8                        
            10                 11            
    15     16                                
        20                   21              
        24                 25   26            
    27           28                          
29   30               31                      
  34                 35                      
Across Down
2 A Hydro Labs product to send P2P Hydro tokens
6 The name of the service we use as one of our main communication channels
7 An Ethereum request for comments standard
9 Decentralized Finanace
10 The type of transaction that allows a 3rd party to cover the cost of execution
12 The name of the Ethereum testnet we deploy our products to for testing
13 Once a smart contract is complete, we have a 3rd party expert ________ our code to check for vulnerabilities
14 Oceans have these, it is also the protocol which powers Hydro Labs P2P solution
16 An open source marketplace for developer creations
17 A Hydro Labs product to store documents through IPFS
18 When stamping a transaction on the Ethereum network a user needs to wait for a __________ message
19 Millions of these unique objects appear in wintertime
20 The process of encrypting and decrypting information
23 A string of characters that is to be kept hidden to other people
24 Hydro labs has made many 3rd party _________ with the dApp store
30 A process or set of rules developers use to create logic in code
32 A hockey player’s best friend; and one of the Hydro protocols
33 An immutable record
34 Developers building with hydro can earn a ______ for contributing to the ecosystem
35 We do these events occasionally where the community can ask us anything
1 The token that powers our products and protocols
3 The name of the official Ethereum Solidity compiler
4 The type of update Hydro creates to get the latest news about the development of our products and protocols
5 The name of the service we use to keep our open-source code repositories accessible and viewable to the public
8 The front-end programming language the dApp Store uses
11 A system of rules in which Hydro is building
15 The name of a community developer built project that allows a person to explore identity based txns on the network
16 The process of distributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority
21 You don't want to get caught in this type of storm
22 An ____ allows Hydro Labs engineers to connect our code to other services and partners
25 ERC-1484 is an EIP solution for a users ______________
26 The language that powers smart contracts
27 Hydro has many open-source 3rd party plugins built on this protocol
28 The layer one Hydro is built upon
29 A Hydro Labs product that stores crypto safe and secure
31 The Hydro dApp Store uses this to connect to a users wallet
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