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Lymphatic System Crossword Puzzle

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Lymphatic system

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Across Down
5 This Cisterna receives lymph from the legs and abdominal viscera
6 This T cell remains in lymphoid tissue and recognizes original invading antigens.
8 This is the largest lymphatic vessel
9 The lymphatic system is a subsystem of what system
14 A Chemical Factor of immunity
15 A general response to disease and pathogen, known as (BLANK) resistance
17 Secreted by antigen-activated macrophages, stimulates immune cells to proliferate.
18 Lymph is a (BLANK) liquid
20 Ingestion (eating)of microbes or foreign matter by cells
22 This is absorb from the intestine and transport them to the blood by the lymphatic system
23 A coiled tube measuring about 8 cm (3 inches) located off of the cecum
24 Produced in response to an Invader,fits in a receptor site, like a lock and key
25 Body’s natural defense against invasion by pathogens to prevent infection and spread of disease.
26 Invading bacteria or viruses are called this
1 Who initially developed Lymphatic Drainage Massage
2 This T cell Inhibits (stops) cytotoxic (Killer) T cells
3 What factor of immunity are these:Intact skin,Mucus, Hairs, Epiglottis and Flow of urine.
4 A protein produced by our body's cells that are infected with viruses
5 What part is non-muscular (single cell thick) and a dead‐end passage
7 This gland is bi-lobed and located posterior to sternum
10 A function of the lymphatic system is to collect and return what type of fluid
11 What system is strengthened and maintained via the lymphatic system
12 This T cell stimulates proliferation and orchestrates of the immune system response
13 Largest mass of lymphatic tissue in the body
16 The lymphatic system is a (BLANK) system
18 The common name for the Palantine, pharyngeal (adenoid), and lingual
19 This has valves to prevent the backward flow of lymph and are three cell layers thick
20 Nodules in the small intestine (ileum)
21 This Cytotoxic 'T' immune cell performs Lysis (breakage) of foreign cells by lymphotoxin
27 Throughout the body and act as filters
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