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Motown Puzzle

                                1           2       3                  
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      34   35                                                            
36             37       38                                                
Across Down
1 R&B Group who jumped to the top of the charts with the hit 'End of the Road'
9 Outstanding singer known for her wild wigs and ability to shake while dancing to her songs
10 Sang original rendition of the song President & Mrs. Obama danced to at the Inauguration.
13 Hit single for the Motown group The Commodores
15 Old School singer who first became famous for the song 'Duke of Earl'.
16 The Queen of Soul.
21 Old School charmer: One of his claims to fame was the song 'Save the Last Dance for Me'
25 Talented gospel legend best known as the revered Queen of Gospel.
27 Souldful balladeer & Grammy Award winner for a song about his deceased father.
30 Lead singer of the Temptations
36 The King of Pop.
39 The hardest working man in show business and the Godfather of Soul.
2 After the success of her song 'Loving You', some saw her as a one-hit wonder.
3 She turned an average Dolly Parton song into a major hit.
4 Founding member of the Commodores who is a singer , songwriter, musician, & producer.
5 Outrageous R&B singer who gave wild performances & struggled with his sexual identity.
6 His most successful song was 'What You Won't Do For Love'.
7 Large distinctive voiced bass-baritone singer known for his romantic songs.
8 Female soul singer that sang with her relatives before striking out successfully on her own.
11 Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, & guitarist who achieved international fame.
12 Soulful Motown singer who was killed by his cross dressing ignorant father.
14 Old School funk band out of Brooklyn famous during the 70s & 80s known for 'Get Up'
17 Fantastic singer whose original group (before going solo) was favored by LGBT folk.
18 One of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of psychedelic rock music.
19 Performance platform
20 Known only by his mononym, he is a wild singer-songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, & actor.
22 Lead singer of he Supremes
23 Popular fashion style description of some of the costumes worn by Motown performers
24 Famous blues singer, songwriter, & guitarist who died recently from diabetic complications
26 Sometimes called Chocolate Soul, best known for his musical score for the film Shaft.
28 Shapely sexy singer whose sparsely dresses; she has medical issues & an autistic son.
29 R&B, soul, gospel, & traditional pop singer known for 'When a Man Loves a Woman'.
31 Blind musician tht dabbled in country and classical sounds also.
32 Only original member of the Gap Band who is still performing to sold out houses.
33 Blind singer credited with helping to make Martin Luther KIng's birthday a holiday.
34 Soul, R&B, and funk group formed in 1966 known for their song 'Soul Finger'.
35 Founder of Motown records.
37 Motown swooner who started out as a boxer.
38 1965 hit by Junior Walker and the All Stars
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