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Ohs May 2022 Crossword Crossword Puzzle Answer

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OHS May 2022 Crossword

By Joseph Mariani

          B         C I N C O      
  G A R L A N D     H              
          S     E U R O P E        
N A P O L E O N     Y              
    R     B         S              
    O     A         L       M      
    M   P L A C E M E N T   E      
          L   O     R       M      
              N           R O M A N
              V             R      
            P E N I C I L L I N    
          R   N             A      
          H   T         T U L I P  
          U   I     M              
          B R O C C O L I          
          A   N     T              
          R         H              
          B         E              
              T A U R U S          
              N     G              
              N     O              
            C I V I L              
              S     F              
Across Down
2 _____ de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico beating the French in battle in Puebla, Mexico in 1862.
3 A ring of flowers typically used as decoration or worn on the head.
4 Victory-in-______ is celebrated on May 8th and started in 1945.
5 _______ Bonaparte died on Saint Helena Island in 1821.
8 AP, or Advanced _________ tests, typically occur in May.
10 May Day has its origins in the _____ Empire.
11 On May 25th, 1948, Andrew Moyer was given the patent for the mass production of this first antibiotic drug.
13 The national flower of the Netherlands.
15 This green, tree-like vegetable is commonly harvested in the spring.
16 This astrological sign covers the majority of the month of May.
18 The Battle of the Wilderness happened from May 5th-7th, 1864 during the American _____ War.
1 A spring sport played on a diamond that consists of nine players per team.
2 The ________ building was finished in New York City on May 27th, 1930, and was the tallest building in the world for a year.
6 A dance for upperclassmen at most high schools.
7 _______ Day is a federal holiday for mourning the U.S. soldiers who died in service.
9 The Constitutional __________ started on May 25th, 1787 and went to September 17th.
12 This plant is known for the delicious desserts made from its stem, but you best beware its leaf.
14 ______'s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May.
16 This racket sport originated in France in the court of Louis X and was called 'jeu de paume'.
17 A sport that originated in Scotland from people hitting pebbles over sand dunes.
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