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Philippines Crossword Puzzle

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1 Philippines export large amounts of natural gas, and ------.
4 The Water Monitor is the largest ----- in the Philippines.
6 Several things such as footwear, -------------, and electronics are manufactured.
7 What is the second highest employment industry?
8 What is the capital of the Philippines?
9 What is the largest lake of the Philippines?
10 What does the economy of the Philippines depend on agriculturally other than farming?
12 What is the longest river in the Philippines?
14 The main agricultural products grown in the Philippines are ------, corn, and rice.
15 What is the Philippines main export?
18 What does Dia De Los Muertos mean?
2 A memorial altar was built in the Pacific War Memorial Building on the island of ------.
3 Filipinos cook a variety of foods influenced by -------- and Asian foods
5 What was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in-between 1922, and 1932. Its purpose was to serve as bomb- proof storage?
11 What is the world's smallest monkey?
13 What is the most active volcano in the Philippines?
16 Houses in the Philippines are made of wood and -------.
17 What are most houses built on?
19 What is the Philippines national bird?
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