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Roots OF American Democracy Crossword Puzzle

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Roots of American Democracy

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Across Down
2 a group of people in one place who are ruled by the government of another place
3 When a judge uses a decision that was based on things that happened BEFORE to make a decision now
6 a system of law that is based on precedent-basing your laws on the way things were done before
7 an agreement or contract made among a group of people
8 the theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys
9 a group of people who make the laws for a state or a country
10 The British legislature
11 self-reliance and freedom from outside control
13 to decide the meaning of something
16 to change
1 a representative to a meeting
4 a group of individuals or states that band together for a common purpose
5 refuse to buy goods or use services as a means of protest
12 a group of people who make laws for a state or country
14 to vote to accept a rule or a law
15 to cancel a law
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