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Single Cells Crossword Puzzle

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Single Cells

  1               2                                      
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Across Down
1 Gel like substance that keeps organelles in place
3 A green pigment that is present in all green plants and is responsible for providing light to provide energy for photosynthesis
4 Makes photosynthesis in plants
5 A single celled organism that lacks a membrane bound nucleus, mitochondria, or any other membrane-bound organelle
6 A temporary protrusion of the surface of an amoeboid cell for movement and feeding.
7 A single-celled freshwater animal that is covered with cilia for movement
8 The process by which a cell releases the contents of a vacuole through the cell membrane
9 The taking in of matter by a living cell through the membrane to form a vacuole
12 Organism that consists of one cell
2 Organism that consists of more than one cell
10 A member of a large group of unicellular microorganisms that have cell walls but do not have organelles
11 A microscopic hairlike vibrating structure
13 Holds DNA
14 Any organism whose cells contain a nucleus and any other structures enclosed within the membrane
15 A small, light-sensitive patch of pigment in certain algae and unicellular organisms
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