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Strep Throat Crossword Puzzle

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Strep Throat

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Across Down
4 You can get a 101 degree ________ or above when you have strep throat.
5 You should avoid sharing these with other people if you have strep throat.
7 The bacteria that causes strep throat.
9 the range in number of days it takes for symptoms to start showing.
10 Always _____ your mouth when sneezing or coughing to avoid spreading Strep.
11 Children in the US typically get a streptococcus infection every_______.
13 The medicine most likely to be used when treating strep throat.
14 Glands that can become swollen when a person has strep throat.
17 The color of spots on the roof of your mouth and on your tonsils.
1 The name of the tiny red dots that can form on the roof of your mouth.
2 The person who first recorded streptococcal bacteria in 1874.
3 How the disease can spread in a public place.
5 The range of ages that is most likely to get strep throat.
6 The number of serogroups identified.
8 Groups that the bacteria is classified in. They are divided by into letters.
12 What the bacteria does in your body.
15 You should always finish the round of _______ that the doctor subscribes.
16 One of the most common side effects of strep throat.
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