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The Federal System Crossword Puzzle

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The Federal System

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1 Expressed power of the National government is to establish federal _________.
3 National government has power to _____ money.
6 States can not take away our civil liberties and _________.
8 Number of states that must approve a constitutional amendment.
11 Powers shared by state and federal government.
12 States can not keep an _______ in peacetime.
13 Middle position between a powerful central government and system where the state dominates.
15 Awards of money states receive from the federal government.
16 Amendment that guarantees all Americans 'equal protection of the laws.'
17 Fraction of states that must approve a constitutional amendment.
22 Service states provide for federal government is to approve constitutional _______________.
27 Supremacy Clause is found in Article _____ of the Constitution.
28 State constitutions outline each __________ and its powers.
30 Amendment that gives state governments all powers not given to the federal government.
31 States can not impose taxes on __________.
32 State constitution of Kansas establishes this type of local government.
2 Clause that says all National laws take precedence over state laws.
3 National government has power to regulate ____________.
4 President Lyndon Johnson sent troops to this Michigan city in 1967, to help control racial unrest and rioting.
5 First national government was established under the ____________ of Confederation.
7 State constitutions contain a _____ __ ________ expressing our individual freedoms.
9 Powers given only to the states in the Constitution.
10 States can not issue their own _________.
14 States can not declare ______.
18 State constitutions contain a method of __________ of officials.
19 System where central and state government share power.
20 Amending a state constitution requires that it must be _________ by the voters.
21 State constitutions provide for a ______________ of powers.
23 Name for state military force.
24 Another name for central or federal government.
25 States can not do this with other states unless the federal government approves.
26 States can not make a ______ with a foreign country.
29 States must follow ______ of Congress to receive grants-in-aid.
33 Powers given to federal government in the Constitution.
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