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The Jefferson Era Crossword Puzzle

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The Jefferson Era

Fill in all boxes

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Across Down
8 Doubled the size of the US.
10 Banned trade with only Britain, France, and their colonies.
12 Last major conflict of the war of 1812.
13 Helped establish the Supreme Court's power to check the other branches.
15 Us defeated Tecumseh and his forces.
16 Was given task to gain control of Lake Erie.
18 Former army captain, explored west.
20 Ended the creek war.
21 Federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates to meet with congress.
25 Accompanied Lewis and Clark during their journey.
1 A large warship.
2 Was chosen to be co-leader of the expedition of exploring the west.
3 Gathered volunteers to move against the creek nation.
4 Was elected president in 1808.
5 Members in congress who called war on Britain.
6 Watched angrily as Natives were forced off their land.
7 The banning of trade.
8 They journey to explore the Louisiana purchase.
9 Cheif justice appointed by John Adams.
11 Was sent to find the starting point of the Red River.
14 2nd president of the United States.
17 The power to declare an act of congress unconstitutional.
19 3rd president of the United States.
22 Ended war of 1812.
23 Banned trade with all foreign countries.
24 To force people to serve in the military.
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