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What I See IN The Clouds Crossword Puzzle

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What I See In the Clouds

Use the clues to solve the words in the puzzle.

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Across Down
3 a powerful storm with rotating winds that form over land
7 white, puffy clouds with flat bottoms
8 air at a certain time and place
10 a storm with thunder, lightening, heavy rains and strong winds
11 the change of gas into a liquid
12 water in the gas form
13 thin, wispy white clouds that form high above the ground
14 gathers data about the atmosphere
17 water that falls to the ground, then returns to the atmosphere
18 a large storm over an ocean with strong wind and heavy rain
22 the weight of air pressing down on Earth
24 low, flat layers of clouds
1 observes weather from above Earth
2 how water moves between the Earth's surface to the Atmosphere
3 measurement of hot and cold
4 blanket of gas and dust that surrounds the Earth
5 lumps of ice that falls during a thunderstorm
6 freezing rain
7 cumulus that turn dark and produce thunderstorms
9 the change of a liquid into a gas
15 a storm with lots of snow and cold temperatures and strong winds
16 moving air
19 shows weather conditions in areas of the World
20 tool that points out the winds
21 measures air pressure
22 measures how fast the air is moving
23 tool that measures precipitation
25 tool that measures temperature
26 a collection of water drops or ice crystals in the air
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