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Business And Work Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Hershey The home the Hersheys built in town overlooks what?. HenryandFanny . Kitty had what disease? . Where was Milton Hersheys wife from? . Hershey sold what company in 1900? . Very Difficult
History of Agriculture * Do not leave a space between words* ________ combine developed. Manufactors steel plow. Provided money for lending to farmers. Latest social media website invented. Invents commercial fertilizers. Hard
History of Barbering early practitioners who cut hair, shaved and performed bloodletting and dentistry. a shaved patch on the head. latin for beard. egyptian barber commemorated with a statue TiciniusMena Sicilian credited with bringing barbering and shaving to Rome. wrote the first barbering textbook. Hard
History of Fashion created and introduced in the mid-1930s. Published the first swimsuit issue. This type of heel was invented in the 1950s. popular silhouette in the 18th century. Women won the right to do this in the 1920s. Hard
Honey Bees & Beekeeping The gland used to draw other foraging bees to a flower source.. This substance comes from the glands in a nurse bees head. It helps to develop a young bee into a queen.. This is the waterproof armor that covers a bee.. Tiny openings that bring oxygen into the bee's body.. These are found at the base of a flower head and develop into fruit.. Very Difficult
Hospitality Industry two guestrooms with an openable door between them . a room rate that includes a daily continental breakfast (eg: toast, muffins, and various beverages). a person who helps guest with special request such as obtaining theatre tickets, booking restaurants reservations, providing transfer services, and giving sight seeing advice. a room rate that doesn't include any meals. the cost of renting a room fr the day rather than for overnight. Hard
Hotel Jobs This person helps guests relax on their holiday.. employees responsible with a spa. A person who serves food.. These people organise different activities to do.. A person who tries to get more guests into the hotel.. Adult
Housing and Interior Design a tool for understanding and using color. guidelines for working with the elements of design, the princples are proportion, scale, balance, emphasis, and rhythm. a lighter value of a color, created by adding white to the color. needs related to the mind, and emotional needs related to feelings that must be met in order to live a satisfying life. a darker value of a color, created by adding black to the color. Big
How to be an Entrepreneur an appalling. to detect. to show by example. an explaination. unquenchable. Teenage
How Well Do I Recall Manage Performance Management Systems/People Essential role of HR Departments when it comes to PMS. Phase 3 of our best practice PMS. Something that can be discussed and actioned in all phases of our PMS. We described our PMS as continuous, ie...... Usually one line descriptors of job tasks that include what has to be done and to what standard ie A .... Objective. Hard
How Well Do I Recall Support Performance Management Process Important role that HR play in PM systems. Recognition and ....... programs. Something HR should keep up to date with and which will be helpful to Line Managers when they write Job Descriptions. At times Line Management may seek help in completing staff ..... Technique that can help Line Management understand how our PMS works. Hard
How Work Is Changing Complete the puzzle by printing the word in ALL capital letters. Two words no space, no hyphens. using outside resources and/or people to do tasks traditionally done within a company or country. a work history of one or mor jobs in the same or related fields of interest. all the world's economies and how they are linked. the need for workers and the kinds of work available to them. work that people do for pay. Big
Important Terms In Economics Fill in the crossword. Do not leave empty squares if there should be a space Maximizing the potential of the resources. A good that you produce. Making the maximum with what you have. A good given by nature. This occurs when resources are limited, whereas needs and wants are unlimited, so there are not enough resources. Big
Income and Expenditure The cost of the item one does without. Spending on luxuries. When one pays out more than one receives. Another name for a benefit in kind. Going into a shop to buy one item and coming out with several. Hard
Industrial Relations A regulative document that Governments pass . A alternate dispute resolution strategy. Organisation that represents employees in Industrial Relations. Reasons why conflict might exist. The number of years modern awards are reviewed as well as Agreements have a maximum expiry date. Very Difficult
Industrialization A factory where people are paid low wages for long hours, under poor conditions.. A tax on imports where its purpose is to protect a countrys domesic economy not creates revenue.. A socialist labor organizer who ran for president. . Where a town depends on a single business.. Policy of letting things take their own course.. Hard
Insurance Complete the crossword puzzle. Insurance that covers direct loss due to fire, lighting strike, or removal from premises due to fire.. Indemnified by own insurance company regardless of who is at fault.. Exceptions to coverage.. Intended to indemnify for harm of insured person/real property brought about by perils.. Attached to policies for special and individual need.. Big
Insurance An increase in insurance premium due to a higher risk. The insured is responsible for paying a part of the damage. The insurance company will pay the rest. You must own the item that is being insured. The money you receive when you make a claim on your insurance premium. A discount in insurance premium because you have not made a claim in a given period of time. Big
Insurance When an insured item is damaged and you claim for compensation. The insurance company. If a member of the public has an accident on your premises. You can only insure what belongs to yourself. Form which is an application form for insurance. Big
Insurance Examiner a limit on the amount of benefits paid out for a particular covered expense, as disclosed on the Certificate of Insurance.. the maximum fee that a health plan will deem payable for a given service.. a provision within a health insurance policy that eliminates coverage for certain acts, property, types of damage or locations.. The process used by health plans to determine the amount of payment for a claim.. a medical condition that is excluded from coverage by an insurance company because the condition was believed to exist prior to the individual obtaining a policy from the particular insurance company.. Very Difficult
Integrated Service Marketing Communication A communication process that entails the planning, creation, integration, an implementation of diverse forms of mar that are delivered overtime to a brand's targeted customers and prospects.. Examples of this are newspaper and magazine articles/reports, TVs and radio presentations, charitable contributions, speeches, issue advertising, and seminars.. Direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship.. Examples of this are sales presentations, sales meetings, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary salespeople, samples, and telemarketing. Can be face-to-face or via telephone.. Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability.. Adult
International Environment of Business Owned by another company. Buying goods or service made in a foreign country. Limits the quantity or value of units permitted to enter a country. Provides loans for for countries.. When a government bars companies from doing business for political reasons. Hard
International Finance Where you purchase your finished goods from. The first Chen grandchild. What runs but doesn't get anywhere. Something the company owns and has a life of more than one year. Who checks your financial statements each year. Hard
International Trade When one country set up barriers against one country, and that country does the same, causing a problem.. Problem if the countries are too reliant on each other for certain products and cannot survive without it.. An approach used by a government to protect domestic producers.. Where an overseas firm sells large quantities of a product below cost in teh domestic market.. An organisation that promotes free trade and settles trade disputes.. Hard
International Trade a payment by a country to its exporters, enabling them to sell their products abroad at a lower price than at home. an agreement among countries to remove the barriers to trade among themselves . a good or service purchased from from a seller in another country. a restriction on the amount of a specific good that can enter the country from abroad. the value of one nations currency stated in terms of the value of another nations currency . Big
Internet Terminologies Complete the crossword puzzle below. a technical acronym that means 'hypertext transfer protocol', the language of web pages. a compressed container of multiple smaller data files, or a purposeful long-term storage of files that are not going to be used often. a free software package that lets you view web pages, graphics, and most online content. the private company or government organization that plugs you into the vast Internet around the world. any malicious software designed by hackers. Big
Intro to Business People who work for a business. Compensation in forms other than direct payment for work. An employee who works less than full-time employees by working either fewer hours each day or fewer days each week. A system that combines a small wage or salary with an additional amount determined by the employee’s performance. A specific amount of money is paid for each week or month worked. Hard
Intro to Computer Science Computer Science a computer language that allows words and symbols to be used in an unsophisticated manner to accomplish simple task. a large computer typically used by major companies and universities. a sequence of bits used to encode a character in memory. the physical computing machine and its support devices . to carry out the instructions of the program. Big
Introduction to Floristry A round decorative arrangement hung from doors at festive times?. The place where an event is organised?. A spiky, shiny green foliage generally used at Christmas?. There are two different types of texture, ...... and visual?. A table where work is carried out?. Big
Investing items of ownership convertible into cash. Analysis- going through financial statements and digging deep to find the true value of a stock.. a particular market where stocks and bonds are traded; stock exchange.. the sum of the after-tax profit of a business plus depreciation and other noncash charges. the outstanding capital of a company or corporation.. Teenage
Investing Sponsor of a college savings plan. Borkerage firm with most offices nationally. Change traditional IRA to a roth. Emergency money might be kept in _____. Retirement account for after-tax dollars. Teenage
Investment and Retirement Workshop Investing Terminology Ownership in company that reinvests profit for capital gains. Risk that you can afford. Earnings paid to shareholders. Publication that provides detailed information about an investment. Ownership interest, dividends paid last. Adult
IT Crossword Holds whole numbers. takes in the disk. Inputs speech. data. Main memory in the computer. Teenage
Job Application job or career. the person in charge at your job. how to contact you online. a person employed to work in an office, usually typing, filing, answering phones. details about you. Teenage
Job Qualities correct. someone who is never late. behaves like an adult. someone who can accept new or different ideas. someone who solves problems using whatever is available. Big
Jobs He stops buildings and other things from burning.. He or she looks after your teeth.. He brings you your food or drinks in a restaurant.. He or she treats people who are ill or hurt.. She delivers your letters and parcels.. Teenage
Jobs has technical knowledge. evaluates the project. is not paid. links people and jobs. drives cars. Older Children
Jobs works with books. works underground. plays StarCraft for money. assists doctors. dispenses medicine. Older Children
Jobs a person that takes care of sick or injured people , has gone to medical school. a person that grows and harvests large amounts of fruits and vegetables . a person that cooks in restaurants. a person a person that works in a clinic or hospital with medical training but not a doctor. a person that works in an office answering phones and typing. Big
Jobs & Places someone who takes cares of a farm. a person who is learning at college, university or school. a particular set of clothes which has to be worn by the members of the same organization or group of people. someone who plays football, especially as a job. a building or a set of building where large amounts of good are made using machines. Big
Keyboarding Class the month that it is now. Row that you fingers should rest on. fingers that are resting on the f and j keys. key that used to unjam typewriters. fingers that are resting on the l and s keys. Hard
Labor Unions in the United States A group of workers that come together to try to increase wages and improve working conditions.. Productive activity. A movement that has given workers rights and protection.. Passed legislation to create the United States Department of Labor.. These people arrived to the United States in extremely high numbers.. 16% of these emloyees would support unionization while 59% would oppose.. Adult
Law ______ ______ (two words) pollution is difficult to control because it does not arise from a specific, unmoving point.. The environment has little or no absorptive capacity for _____ pollutants.. The hydrologic _____ takes water down from the coulds as precipitation, to the Earth's surface, up through evaporation and back down as precipitation again.. An _________ allows a source of pollution to emit a set amount of a pollutant.. _________ standards are put in place to protect publc welfare which is diminished by dmage to plants, animals, buildings, and agriculture, and by reduced visibility.. Hard
LAW &YOU two people working civilly together in order to settle a dispute; compromise. must be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt; involves actions that have been declared illegal by the state. body of law created by each separate U.S state, as passed by that state legislature. body of law created by the federal government; enforced by U.S government agencies. one person takes sole responsibility to come up with a final decision after hearing both sides of dispute. Hard
Law and Justice Complete the following crossword puzzle. A legal way of making a provision less enforceable then it might otherwise be.. A person accused of committing a crime.. A more serious crime.. The process by which the courts decide whether the laws passed by Congress or state legislatures are constitutional. . The first 10 amendments.. Big
Leader Words that describe a quality of a leader the state of being dedicated. the state or quality of being creative.. to be concerned or solicitous; have thought or regard. . firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively. Older Children
Leadership...What is it? the ability to direct and influence others. personal magnetism or charm. a beleif that an entire group of people fit a fixed or common pattern. a way of acting to fulfill cetain responsibilities in life. a set moral prinicples or values. Very Difficult
Legal A jury that checks the validation of an acusation.. A criminal deception where someone is looking for financial or personal gain.. A criminal act that is worse than a misdemeanor.. The institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.. A formal charge or acusation of a serious crime.. Big
Legal and Ethical Issues The abuse of an older person. Use of words or actions to cause emotional pain or injury. Moral principles or standards that govern conduct. Act of withdrawing support or help from another person in spite of duty of responsibility, falls under the category for neglect. The use of force to cause pain or injury to the abused person's body. Hard
Library writes the words in the story. a non-fiction book about a person's life. using someone else's work without citing or getting permission. company that puts the book together. a type of book that contains certain characteristics or elements. Big
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