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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Foundations of Government List of colonists' grievances against the King of England written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. The power of the courts to determine the constitutionality of legislative and executive branch actions. The precedent for judicial review was established in the 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison. First ten amendments to the Constitution which restrict the federal government's power to take away certain basic rights of the poeple. Those rights which are guaranteed or ensured to an individual, as opposed to a group . The distribution of power and authority among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of gevernment. Teenage
Government A system where each branch of government excercises some control on others. Suspicious of a strong government. Powers that are shared by the state and federal governments . Approval. Establishes the executive branch to carry out the laws passed by Congress. Big
2012 ELECTION BUZZ amendment that gave African-Americans the right to vote. Presidential Race incumbent. generally speaking, a government party that does not side with the democrats or the republicans. They support views from both sides on separate issues . 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. 2012 Republican Presidential candidate. Teenage
Government Figure out the term described in the statement to complete the puzzle. a political community in a precise territory. the state has supreme and absolute authority within its boundaries. governments make and maintain law without approval from any other authority. nations that are just beginning to developing industrially. the idea that certain people are chosen by god to rule. Hard
The U.S. Constitution Father of the Constitution. interprets the laws. president's term in office. number of articles in the US Constitution. number of colonies. Teenage
The U.S. Constitution - Part One Father of the Constitution. interprets the laws. president's term in office. number of articles in the US Constitution. number of colonies. Big
The U.S. Constitution Father of the Constitution. interprets the laws. president's term in office. number of articles in the US Constitution. number of colonies. Hard
The U.S. Constitution - Part One interprets the law. father of nation. enforces the law. supreme law of the land. Teenage
Bill of Rights 1st. 6th. 4th. 22nd. 7th. Teenage
The American People the principle that every citizen of a democracy has an opportunity to try to influence government. rule by the people. a system of government in which citizens govern themselves. the practice of organizing on the basis of sex, ethnic or racial orientations. a shared body of values and beliefs that shapes perceptions and attitudes towards politics. Teenage
The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government Complete the following crossword using CH.1 Vocabulary. An independent state, especially one in which the people share a common culture. The right to exercise supreme authority over a geographic region, a group of people, or oneself. The quality of being accepted as an authority, often applied to laws or those in power. Ability to cause others to behave as they might not otherwise choose to do so. The process and method of making decisions for groups, generally applied to governments though also seen in other human interactions. Teenage
Government all people are treated fairly under the law. political unit with the power to make and enforce laws over a group of people living within a clearly define territory. supreme power to act within its territory and to control its external affairs. the ability of people to act and think as they choose. belief that ordinary people could aspire to rule themselves and do so as political equals. Hard
The American People A system of government in which citizens govern themselves directly and vote on most issues. The principle that every citizen of a democracy has an equal opportunity to try to infuence government. political authority rests in the people collectively. The individual rights of those not in the political or religious majority. Rule by the people. Adult
Bill of Rights nineteenth amendment. first amendment. sixth amendment. eighth amendment. seventh amendment. Big
Origins of American Government Eryn Percle #25 A joining of several groups for a common purpose.. Organized by a person to whom the king had made a grant of land,. Established that the power of the monarchy was not absolute and guareented trial by jury and due process of law to the nobility.. Those persons who opposed the ratification of the Constitution in 1787-1788.. Representatives.. Hard
Democracy and Federation The union of several colonies or provinces into one federal government. A vote in private. Territory occupied by a settlement of people from a ruling country. Someone who acts for a large group of people. administered once every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. . Teenage
US Constitution three words which expresses self government. reviews/interprets the laws. advises the president. first ten amendments. enforces the laws. Teenage
Structure of Canadian Government The governing party of BC.. Mayor of Kamloops. Lieutenant Governor of BC. The act that was passed at the time of Confederation that divided the powers and responsibilities between a national government and the provincial governments.. The Prime Minister of Canada. Very Difficult
US Constitution makes federal law. person who wrote the Independence. capital of kentucky. fought for women's rights. the ocean in the west coast. Teenage
US Constitution capital of the US. total amendments. interprets law. total justices in supreme court. blue grass state. Older Children
US constitution wrote decleration of Independence. interprets law. father of nation. head of the executive. supreme law of the land. Teenage
Supreme Court Decision Making Power of the courts of a country to examine the actions of the legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government and to determine whether such actions are consistent with the constitution.. A vote made by someone who has no allegiance to any political party and whose unpredictable decisions can swing the outcome of an election one way or the other.. A person not directly engaged in a case who advises the court.. A group of legislators who act together for some common purpose irrespective of party lines.. A doctrine or policy of following rules or principles laid down in previous judicial decisions unless they contravene the ordinary principles of justice.. Teenage
War in Iraq and Conflict at Home The Bush Administration falsely reported that Iraq had ________________ of mass destruction that threatened the United States.. The _______________ were a fundamentalist Islamic religious group that ruled Afghanistan with an iron hand and denied rights to women.. It was hard for the military to recruit ____________ for the war since many did not see a reason for it.. Hundreds of ______________ of Iraqis died in the war.. Protesters demonstrated against anti-immigration laws with slogans like, 'No Human Being is __________.'. Very Difficult
Government Cont. hold and keep important public offices. review by legislative committees of policies and programs. right to somebody's private property and opinions. power to make laws. limits or restricts judicial interpretation. Big
Government accepts public acts. architect of public policy and agenda. governmental issues. absolute power. political attitudes and opinions. Very Difficult
Preventing Murders Def: Penalty inflicted for offense, fault, etc.. Syn: Prevent, prohibit, restrain. Def: Uncontrolled strong force. Syn: Penitentiary, jail, confinement. Syn: Captive, convict, detainee. Adult
The Judicial Branch Lower federal courts that have original jurisdiction in most cases invovling federal laws.. A written statement by the U.S. Supreme Court explaining its reasioning behind a decision.. The power of the U.S. Supreme Court to determine if a law passed by Congress or a presidential action is in accord with the Constitution.. The authority to interpret and administer the law; also, the range of that authority.. The authority of a court to be the first court to hold trials in certain kinds of cases.. Teenage
Civil Rights Constitutional amendment, ratified in 1964 to outlaw the poll tax. 1858 Supreme Court case in which a slave sued for his freedom but the court ruled against him, because as a slave, he was not a U.S. Citizen. Theory favoring the political, economic, and social equality of men and women. Union created by Cesar Chavez to organize Mexican field hands in the West. Group of civil rights workers who took bus trips through southern states in 1961 to protest illegal bus segregation. Very Difficult
Jimmy Carter The 39th President of the United States. Carter married this person. Carter's cuts in federal spending did not stop this from rising (a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services). After his presidency, Carter has been best known for his work to improve this class of people. Carter served in this branch of the military. Hard
Governments and Economies economic system in which families produce goods and services for their own use. . an economic system in which decisions about production, price, and other economic factors are determined by the law of supply and demand.. any one of several nonrenewable mineral resources formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals and used for fuel. the growth of city populations. the way of life that disttinguishes a people, (example- government, language & religion). Adult
Military No Spaces between the words a soldier who is deployed from an aircraft and lands on the ground using a parachute. a portable cannon used to fire bomb shells . Protects the head. also known as the brain-bucket. an explosive used to destroy enemies by detonation or by contact. soldiers wear these to protect their feet from different environments. Big
Congress Please fill in the correct words from the political dictionary. permanent committee in a legislative body to which bills of a specified subject matter are referred. unpopular provision added to an important bill certain to pass so that it will 'ride' through the legislative process. various tactics (usually long speeches) aimed at defeating a bill in a legislative body by preventing a final vote; associated with the U.S. Senate. division of existing committee that is formed to address specific issues. the presiding officer of a senate; in Congress, the Vice President of the United States; in a State's legislature, either the lieutenant governor or a senator. Hard
US Government Agreement between big states and small states stating that the senate shall have 2 state reps while the house will have a certain amount of representative determined by population. John Boehner. Responsibility Congress has for following up on laws it has enacted to ensure that they are being enforced and administered in the way in which they were intended. money given directly to a candidate in an election to assist his or her campaign. Policy in job hiring that gives special consideration or compensatory treatment to traditionally disadvantaged groups in an effort to overcome present effects of past discrimination. Hard
Government Terms Found the agreement between large ans small states regarding representation.. $10 bill. taken to help out the minorities.. power of the courts of a country to examine the actions of the legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government and to determine whether such actions are consistent with the constitution.. meeting of supporters or members of a political party or movement to discuss or vote on an issue.. Very Difficult
Legislative Branch yearly financial plan of the national government. willfull obstruction of justice. freedom from prosecution for witnesses whose testimony ties them to legal acts. specializes in a subcategory of it standing committees responsiblity. override a bill. Teenage
Congress a provision not likely to pass on its own merit that is attached to an important measure certain to pass. is the House sitting not as itself but as one large committee of itself. divisions of existing committees formed to address specific issues. are little different from bills, and when passed have the force of law. a procedure to bring a bill to the floor of the legislative body when a committee has refused to report it. Teenage
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