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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
United Nations Constitutes one of the principals organs of the united Nations. West German language of England mostly spoken in America. Primary instrument for establishing and maintaining international peace. Achieving international co-operation in solving international problems of economic, social and cultural chracter. Roman language used in parts of Belgium, France and Switserland. Big
United States of America Monument in New York that represents the spirit of America . Model of American culture that resembles a vegetable dish . American fast food outlet that was the first one to introduce self service system . Current President of the USA . favorite game of the Americans . Big
US constitution wrote decleration of Independence. interprets law. father of nation. head of the executive. supreme law of the land. Teenage
US Constitution capital of the US. total amendments. interprets law. total justices in supreme court. blue grass state. Older Children
US Constitution makes federal law. person who wrote the Independence. capital of kentucky. fought for women's rights. the ocean in the west coast. Teenage
US Constitution three words which expresses self government. reviews/interprets the laws. advises the president. first ten amendments. enforces the laws. Teenage
US Constitution advises the president. first ten amendments. president during the world war II. change or addititon to the constitution. term of the president. Older Children
US Constitution reviews or explains laws. advises rhw president. first ten amendments. enforces law. makes laws. Older Children
US Government Agreement between big states and small states stating that the senate shall have 2 state reps while the house will have a certain amount of representative determined by population. John Boehner. Responsibility Congress has for following up on laws it has enacted to ensure that they are being enforced and administered in the way in which they were intended. money given directly to a candidate in an election to assist his or her campaign. Policy in job hiring that gives special consideration or compensatory treatment to traditionally disadvantaged groups in an effort to overcome present effects of past discrimination. Hard
US Government a defined period of time in office. President's duty to influence the making of laws. tocancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, esp. someone condemned to death). narrow interpretation of constitutional provisions. when two or more members of Congress agree prior to an arrangement to support each other's bills. Very Difficult
Voter Behavior A special tax, demanded by states, as a condition of voting.. Voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting.. The process by which people gain their political attitudes and opinions.. A term used to describe people who have no party identification.. The practice of voting for candidates of only one party in an election.. Big
War in Iraq and Conflict at Home The Bush Administration falsely reported that Iraq had ________________ of mass destruction that threatened the United States.. The _______________ were a fundamentalist Islamic religious group that ruled Afghanistan with an iron hand and denied rights to women.. It was hard for the military to recruit ____________ for the war since many did not see a reason for it.. Hundreds of ______________ of Iraqis died in the war.. Protesters demonstrated against anti-immigration laws with slogans like, 'No Human Being is __________.'. Very Difficult
We The People This is where the President and his family lives.. A rule that everyone in the country must follow.. Hawaii became the 50th one of these U.S. areas in 1959.. This is the symbol of the U.S. Democratic Party. Citizens in VA will vote on this month.. Hard
What Are Taxes service that is provided and paid for with tax money. service that is provided and paid for with tax money. money people are required to pay for support of the government. . service that is provided and paid for with tax money. tax that provides money and medical care to retired and disabled people. . Older Children
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