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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Legislative Leaders Job Functions Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for Senate. Presides over the Senate. Leads meetings. Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for the House. Guides party's proposed laws through congress for the House. Older Children
Absolutism Monarchs tried to improve _________ by increasing their own power.. Territorial and ___________ conflicts between states led to almost continuous warfare.. Absolute Monarchy declares that the monarchy holds ultimate _____ over the government.. The idea that God created the monarchy. Absolute Monarchy was created in the _____________ century.. Older Children
What Are Taxes service that is provided and paid for with tax money. service that is provided and paid for with tax money. money people are required to pay for support of the government. . service that is provided and paid for with tax money. tax that provides money and medical care to retired and disabled people. . Older Children
The Juvenile Justice System A transcript or recording made of all testimony given. This type of hearing determines what punishment will be given to the delinquent juvenile.. At this initial meeting with the judge, a juvenile hears the charges against him or her.. Of, for, or relating to young people. . The formal accusation that the juvenile has commited an offence.. Older Children
Democratic Party Democrats support the right to choose to have this, even if the mother cannot pay.. Largely credited with writing the Constitution.. Used the Indian removal act of 1830.. Jackson is known for representing this.. At one time was the president of Princeton University.. Hard
The Presidency It lasts four years . passed under Lincoln's guidance. Next in line after the Speaker . formerly the Ottoman Empire. First in line after the VP . Very Difficult
Government Governmental aquisition of private industry for public use.. Someone with Spanish or Portuguese and Native American ancestry.. A member of the house of Commons in the U.K.. Political subdivisions in Japan. . The delegation of authority from the central government to regional governments. . Hard
Roles of the President Executes public policy. Fundraises for political friends and gives speeches for his party. Goes to other countries as the architect of foreign policy. vetoes bills he dislikes. invites foreign leaders to the White House. Older Children
Government Second level of power, includes schooling regulations. Intelligence Agency. Lowest level of power, include trash pickup. U.S. Department of . Branch of government that carries out the laws . Older Children
United States of America Monument in New York that represents the spirit of America . Model of American culture that resembles a vegetable dish . American fast food outlet that was the first one to introduce self service system . Current President of the USA . favorite game of the Americans . Big
The Courts and Judical Branch belief that supreme court justices should not actively try to shape social and political issues or redefine the constitution. literally, 'made more certain' an order from a higher court requiring a lower court to send the record of a case for review. view of supreme court justices who agree with particular ruling . judical decision that is used as a standard in later similar cases. supreme court opinion by one or more justices in the minority who oppose the ruling. Hard
The President's Roles Head of the Executive Branch. Leader of his/her political party. Architect of American Foreign Policy. Proposer of the legislative agenda. Ceremonial Head of the Government. Older Children
Andrew Johnson A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product. A new method, idea, product, etc.. The objects of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. A decision-making process surrounds any design. Older Children
Government rule based on status. The men who created our Constitution. rule by a rich few. Ancient philosipher who gave us the original ideas for government. Two men who expanded Aristotle's ideas for government into the Social Contract Theory. Older Children
Crime Scene - Do Not Cross location where a crime occured. A draft representation of all essential information and measurements at a crime scene.. Properties of evidence that can be attributed to a common source with a high degree of accuracy . any object that can establish that a crime has been committed. A precise rendering of the crime scene, usually drawn to scale.. Teenage
US Government a defined period of time in office. President's duty to influence the making of laws. tocancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, esp. someone condemned to death). narrow interpretation of constitutional provisions. when two or more members of Congress agree prior to an arrangement to support each other's bills. Very Difficult
Executive Branch The result of the votes of all eligible voters. A body of advisers to the President, composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government. Term for the President as the main architect of foreign policy and spokes person to other countries. The titular head of a nation as distinct from the head of the government. A head of state or officer in supreme command of a country's armed forces. Teenage
AP Government a term used for certain gubernatorial offices, expressing the nature of their job being analogous to a head of government. The practice of exchanging favors esp. in politics by reciprocal voting for each other's proposed legislation. a particular legal philosophy of judicial interpretation that limits or restricts judicial interpretation. A high-ranking senator of the majority party who presides over the US Senate in the absence of the vice president. the process of allocating political power among a set of principles. Very Difficult
Tenth Amendment 1.Entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself: 'he delegates routine tasks'.. Slow to reveal emotion or opinions.. The ability to do something or act in a particular way, esp. as a faculty or quality. Formally forbid (something) by law, rule, or other authority. Sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid.. Older Children
U.S. Army Today What does OOTW stand for?. What does OG stand for?. OCS stands for _________ ______________ _________________ .. Operation _____________________ Storm was against Irag in January 16, 1991.. KP duty stands for?. Big
Freedom of Expression written defamation of character. speech that criticizes the government to promote rebellion. the right of the people to gather peacefully and petition government. censorship of or punishment for the expression of ideas before the ideas are printed or spoken. test used by the courts that allows language to be regulated only if it presents an immediate and urgent danger. Teenage
Justice System Understanding everyones needs and circumstances and making rules that will work for everyone.. When a country claims a region from another part of the world.. To re-enter and be made a part again.. The process of creating laws.. Helping the community as a consequence for crime.. Older Children
Justice System Governed by laws that look out for everyone's needs. The process of claiming foreign lands by way of making colonies. To put back into. The way laws are applied in a society. To change for the better (as in a criminal). Hard
Roles in the Criminal Justice System assists with rehabilitative interventions and ensures compliance with court orders. party appealing a judgement. lawyer paid by legal aid that helps those who appear in court without own lawyer. keeps a written record of everything that is said in the courtroom. group chosen to swear to hear evidence and witness testimony. Hard
Andrew Jackson's Life and Presidency Nickname. how did he serve in the Florida Territory. How many wives. married who many times. 7th President of the U.S.. Older Children
Creating Congress temporary commitees. what dose AA stand for . all voters of each state elect senators. nearly all standing committees . how many kinds of commitiees dose congress have . Hard
The Organization of Congress People in the districts they represent. Whats the processed called by setting up new district lines after reapportisnment has been completed. Which House has the larger body in Congress. Each term of Congress is divided into two years is . Made up of two hoses,the Senate and the House of Representatives. Older Children
Congress the number of members in the House of Represenatives. serve as assistant floor leader in the House. Legislative Chamber of Israel. only about 10 _____ go the the full house for a vote. Senate elections are done state-wide or_________. Hard
Presidents of the United States Tear down this wall” speech. He oversaw the end of Reconstruction and the United States' entry into the Second Industrial Revolution. Was the last President to own slaves. The first president to fly in an airplane. Became President leaving the Vice President’s office vacant. Big
President a person not committed to traditional beliefs. a person that is not affiliated to any political party. a body of electors. where voters cast thier ballots. the person just below the persident. Hard
Politics The most important committee in Congress. Another name for non law making powers. This person acts as President of the Senate when the VP is not available . The most powerful member of Congress. The most important job of Congress. Big
Types of Governments Democratic government where people exercise political control through elected representatives. People that have certain rights and responsibilities. Democratic system where people participate directly in the political decision making. Government characterized by a separation of powers between the branches of government. System of government headed by one or more religious figures. Hard
Election Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. A person desgnated to act for represent another or others, deputy, represenatives, as in political convention. A place at or in which votes in an election cast. An orginization to gain power . An officer next in rank to a president's absence. Hard
Bill of Rights 17th amendment allows for the direct election of __________. amendment that says no unreasonable search or seizure. Amendment that says people have the right to keep and bear arms. The 21st amendment _________ the 18th. Can't be taken away. Very Difficult
Government Executive Branch: The Presidency One who has a majority of the voting,has __________.. ______________ are details in instructions, regulations& rules for different aspects of the job of one in the government.. The government knows how to act towards and to a country through _____________.. A list of actions a party supports is their ___________.. The cabinet members are in a _____________.If the president dies,is ill,or impeached, they step up to the above position.. Big
Military LeCroy's Corps. Phonetic 'N'. Durden's Corps. Randleman's Corps. Phonetic 'B'. Very Difficult
Supreme Court Decisions on these are finalized by the Supreme Court.. Cases that have to do with Civil Rights and freedom are protected by the. Only the most important ones are ruled by the Supreme Court.. There are nine justices but only one of these. The Judicial Branch has a large number of theses that can be grouped into three main areas. . Older Children
We The People This is where the President and his family lives.. A rule that everyone in the country must follow.. Hawaii became the 50th one of these U.S. areas in 1959.. This is the symbol of the U.S. Democratic Party. Citizens in VA will vote on this month.. Hard
Amendments soldiers can't stay in a private home without owner permission . no states can take away voting rights. protects unreasonable searches and seizures. bear arms. repealed the 18th amendment allowing sale and consumption of alcohol . Hard
So You Want To Be President? having to much pride in your looks. the work of government. not proud. taking care of someone. seriously. Older Children
Constitutional Era statue of the state’s law in Fredericksburg, VA. to prevent one power from becoming supreme (too much power). wrote the Virginia Declaration of rights. first 10 amendments of the constitution. powerful during Thomas Jefferson's presidency. Big
Election Mixup! The amount of time a position is held.. A promise.. A person running for public office.. A discussion between people running for public office.. To make a decision.. Older Children
The Declaration of Independence Who was the oldest signer?. Who was the youngest signer?. Who is the only signer that's name was known until 1777?. What month was it signed?. How many colonies were there when it was signed?. Older Children
US Constitution reviews or explains laws. advises rhw president. first ten amendments. enforces law. makes laws. Older Children
Government the head of the Department of Justice. a detail financial document containing estimates of federal income and spending during the coming fiscal year. the practice of giving jobs to supporters and friends. an official in charge of a department of government. nonmilitary. Older Children
Political and Economic Turmoil in Asia The ______________ of other nations benefited greatly by China's economic growth. When other countries produce goods for sale in the USA.. By the mid 1980's, China began encouraging ___________ enterprise.. This country is the top military power in Asia.. ____ ____ [2 words, country] is the most rigidly run Communist state in the world. Older Children
CIVICS Constitution and Bill of Rights 'Roe vs Wade' established __________ rights for women.. 'You have the right to remain __________.'. The 4th amendment protects people from ________ searches and seizures.. Must be passed by three-fourths of the state legislators.. A person found _______ by a jury may not be tried for the same offense.. Hard
Federal Reserve System The nation's 1st true central bank. This is cash available for withdrawals, rather than being invested. regulates the amount of money available in the econoy. The FOMC regulates the nation's money supply by buying and selling government _________. . Another word for security. Teenage
Missouri Government a formal statement of the fundamental rights of thincorporated e people of the United States, in the constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all state constitutions.. a building occupied by a state legislature.. the branch of government charged with the execution and enforcement of laws and policies and the administration of public affairs. the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.. the head and chief administrator of the U.S. Department of State.. Older Children
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