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World Geography Crosswords

To view or print a World Geography crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Civilizations of East Asia a General in Japan's military. a branch of Buddhism that influence Samurai behavior; emphasizes meditation and intuition. baked clay. a gift of money paid by one family to another when people get married. a branch of Buddhism that follows the teachings of the elders. Big
Ohio's Industry people that produce goods and services. Also known as labor resources.. to make a product. any resources that come from the land, sea, or air. Also known as land resources.. people that combine all the resources to produce goods and services. people that buy or use goods and services. Big
Mexico This country ruled Mexico until 1810. Most popular sport in Mexico. This US state was a province of Mexico until 1838. Number of states in Mexico. World's smallest dog that is named for a Mexican state. Hard
South American Countries What Is The Capital? Uruguay. Venezuela. French Guina. Colombia. Ecuador. Hard
Africa political control. having many ethnic groups living within a society. Nigeria's second-largest ethnic group. peasants or agriculteral workers in Eqypt and other Arabs countries. Capital of Egypt. Big
Barcelona try and find these in your fun facts, or just see what you know about Barcelona how many seconds between each traffic accident in Barcelona. how many languages spoken. national Spanish dance, not well known in Barcelona . sea where Barcelona is. one of the rumoured founders. Older Children
Coastal Landforms A hill or ridge of wind- blown sand.. An area of coastal grassland that is regularly flooded by seawater.. A hole in a cliff or cave which seawater spurts.. High points of land that thrust out into the ocean.. A pebbly or sandy shore.. Big
Tropical Rainforest An ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, especially a throne or bed. Country that has tropical areas. A luxuriant, dense forest rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall. A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. Of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature. Big
Australia and Oceania How does El Nino affect Australia. How were the islands of Polynesia and Micronesia formed. Countries are interested in Antarctica for the _____________. What is the arid interior of Australia called. Which Europeans settled in New Zealand and Australia first. Big
Japan's Feudalism Please complete the crossword below by filling in the blanks hereditary military governer . Japans social posititons and the rank of workers . A very skilled worker (craftsman) . Comes from the term confucius. Highest and most powerful class . Hard
France Paul who is a famous French painter. Another of France's major mountain ranges. World's largest castle or palace. The capital of France. Caves with 17,000 year old rock paintings. Big
Tudor England Can you complete this crossword? Name of the King. Era of History. Medieval instrument. someone who entertains the king. Henry does this to his wives. Older Children
Economy of New Mexico Natural resources and jobs in New Mexico Producer of micro chips. Looking for oil and water. Raising animals for food. Putting up buildings. Indian owned gaming. Hard
New Jersey The State University of New Jersey. Ivy league university that is in New Jersey. Town that is the county seat of Middlesex. Name of the 2012 hurricane that destroyed a lot of New Jersey's shore. President that fought Revolutionary War battles in New Jersey. Big
Capitals of South America Uruguay. Paraguay. French Guiana. Columbia. Ecuador. Hard
Rainforest protective covering made of silk . the upper part of the trees of a rainforest. the study of earths structure . a group of animals that have scales. water that falls from the clouds. Hard
Life of Ancient India use the hints to fill in the blanks the consequences of how a person lives in regards to their level in the caste.. to think deeply.. is a country in South Asia whose name come from the Indus River.. an Indian king or prince.. a divisio within India's.. Hard
Africa South of the Sahara Steep, jagged cliffs. Lowest point . Longest River. Have thousands of them. A hard substance made out of diamond. Hard
Mexico What is the most popular international team sport in Mexico?. What is the name of the famous Mexican (alcoholic) spirit around the world?. A container (often made of papier-mache) and is filled with sweets. It is usually broken as part of a celebration and everyone collects as many sweets as they can?. Name one of the colours of the Mexican flag?. Name the famous Mexican actor who won an Academy Award in 1952 for his role in Viva Zapata?. Hard
Australia-Pacific the New World. peninsula composed of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. type of cloth which were sought by Europeans. last German attack to defeat the Allied powers in Britain. where Pearl Harbour is. Hard
Rivers A cascade of water falling from a height.. The degradation of a materials properties due to interactions with their environment.. A deep gorge.. The breaking away of materials by wind or water.. A triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.. Big
Belgium Crossword language spoken in Brussels. 100m high site where there is a panoramic view over the Battlefield. one of Europe's most perfectly preserved Gothic-Baroque squares found in Brussels. a statue/ fountain of a boy cherubically relieving himself; found in Brussels. circular, naturalistic painting of the battle on a canvas with a 110m circumference. Hard
Latin America and the Caribbean Civilization in Central America from A.D. 300 to 900. Colonized Latin America in the 1400s and 1500s. Aztec Capital. Official language of Jamaica. Major religion of Latin America and the Caribbean. Hard
Oregon A volcano living in Oregon.. Oregon's state tree.. The nickname of Oregon. . Oregon's largest city.. The capital of Oregon.. Older Children
Philippines What does the economy of the Philippines depend on agriculturally other than farming?. The main agricultural products grown in the Philippines are ------, corn, and rice.. What was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in-between 1922, and 1932. Its purpose was to serve as bomb- proof storage?. A memorial altar was built in the Pacific War Memorial Building on the island of ------.. What is the world's smallest monkey?. Hard
New Zealand New Zealand's most famous bird - it can't fly. Most people speak this language in New Zealand. New Zealanders like to eat this at the beach (_____ and Chips). This sweet treat you lick is famous for being very creamy in New Zealand. New Zealand's biggest city. Big
India do the following crossword puzzle composed of slim triangular or wedge-shaped elements, as the characters used in writing by the ancient Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and others.. a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction.. the doctrine of or belief in more than one god or in many gods. to accustom to household life or affairs.. the doctrine or belief that there is only one God. Hard
Monsoon & Central Asia Hiring someone outside the company to do a job once done in the company. (Usually done in other countries). A region that has a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. Deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. The crude birth rate minus the crude death rate of a population. Petroleum in the process of coming out of Earth's surface and before it has been improved or processed. Hard
Southeast Asia political groups that consider themselves underrepresented in the political system. an intense tropical storm system with high winds and heavy rains. The application of water to land using pipes and ditches. nearly flat plain along a stream or river that is naturally subject to flooding. individual or collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern. Older Children
Caribbean Islands Half of an island split with Haiti.. Classified as an American Territory. Eastern-most Spanish-speaking isand.. Capital of Cuba.. Country ruled by Raul Castro.. Capital of Puerto Rico.. Older Children
South America This is the longest South American country on the West Coast.. This country has two capitals.. This country borders Brazil, Argentina, and the Atlantic Ocean.. This country is bordered by four Spanish-speaking countries and the Atlantic Ocean.. The Equator runs through this country.. Hard
World Mountains Find the locations Located in South America. Located in Europe. Located in Canada. Located in Tanzania. Located in Nepal. Hard
Introduction to Japan ainu gods of nature. most important male god in Japanese mythology . similar, alike. Japan is located in this ocean. Japan's nickname. Hard
New York City borough of New York with two airports. was a present from the French in 1886. large park is in the heart of Manhattan. in 2001 terrorists crashed two hijacked aeroplanes into this former sight of NYC. famous landmark, connects Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River. Older Children
European Monarchs 2 words - Louis XIV's nickname . When a country brings in 'elements of western culture'. Treaty of _________, ended the Thirty Year's War and reduced the power of the Holy Roman Empire. 3 words- declared Catholicism the official religion of France. strict Calvinists that demanded the Church of England to be further reformed. . Hard
Eastern Europe and the Middle East Capital of Iraq. system using pipes and canals to bring water to dry croplands. without religous influence. an Islamic religious leader. ethnic minority in Turkey. Hard
New England Colonies trade between africa, europe, and north america. to drive someone out of a country or region. person who refuses to go along with what the leaders believe. a large area of land left in its natural condition. items brought into one country from another . Older Children
Canada to move or speak like somebody else does. If parents donīt allow many things, they are .... something people do when they are sad. a place where people go to move to the music. text of a song. Older Children
Red Fort Architect of the Fort. Shape of the Red Fort which gives it a unique aspect and diffrentiates it from other forts. The famous Peacock Throne was kept in this part of the Fort. Number of Years to complete the construction. Fort which is connected to Red Fort by a bridge. . Hard
Asia Direction of India's dry monsoon airflow. Land use for most of India's land along the coast. Annual preciptation for most of Pakistan. Country south of India. Country north of Bangladesh. Big
South Asia Storm with heavy rains and high winds that blow in a circular pattern around an area of low atmospheric pressure. Farm products grown to be sold of traded rather that used by the farm family. In Hindu belief, the sum of good and bad actions in one's present and past lives. Flood plain, such as the Gangetic Plain in South Asia, on which flodding rivers have deposited rich soil. A business of recreational travel based on concern for the environment. Hard
Women in Canada Complete the crossword below. ________ ________ was the only female member of the parliament from 1921-1935. . The first women to enter provincial cabinets were in British Columbia and _________.. The Persons Case was one of the _______ events of the century. . The first woman senator was _______ ________.. The jurists said, 'a _____ of days more barbarous than ours.'. Hard
Ancient India Asia Minor is also called. Potential Buddhas . What empire took over the Mauryan Empire after Asoka's death . Who, forbid people to worship him . A household headed by the eldest male . Hard
Paupa New Guinea Number of stars on the Papua New Guinea flag.. An island that begins forming under the sea.. A plant whose leaves and nut are chewed, like a drug.. Number of tribes located in Papua New Guinea's mountains. . The lawmaking group of people, name for legislature.. Hard
Russia largest religion. broke up the communist country. major sport. asian part of Russia. ethnic group of the Boston Bombers. Hard
Different Cultures in Australia St Patricks Day. Eiffel Tower. Pyramids are from which culture. Favourite Australian spread. Chinese New Year is celebrated in which country. Hard
London Sights the palace where you can see the royal family . famous red vehicle. vast collection of historic artifacts . abbey where royal events take place. the fastest way to get around the city. Older Children
Ecuador What country did Ecuador gain independence from?. In what state was Kaylee born?. Kaylee Troxel really _____ you.. Which type of music was originally played as native wedding music?. What is the capitol of Ecuador?. Hard
Latin person who carries. bending or folding toward. a state of bringing down or away. to break out. having to do with pulling toward. Big
The Philippines Geography and Resources the oldest copper mine in the country still exists.. the narrowest strait in world between Samar and Leyte.. it bounds the country on the North.. Region V.. mountain which is considered as a powerful energy source for pilgrims and spiritualists.. Very Difficult
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