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Hard Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be pretty hard to complete. They are made up of more than 20 words of any size. To view or print a hard crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Disney's The Lion KIng Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film The Original King of the Pride Lands and Simba's Father. The main source of water in the Pride Lands. The Young Prince, destined to become the next king of the PrideLands. An African Savannah currently under the rule of King Simba and Queen Nala. A blue-feathered Hornbill, who is the King's Majordomo.
Sports Marketing Sports segmentation based on measurable statistics. segmentation based on area, region or climate. a goal which can be felt but not directly measured. a company with a popular logo. an individual that supplies a product or service.
Disney's Aladdin Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film Jasmine's Pet Tiger. A Young Homeless, Street Boy and Former Thief . A Magic Flying Rug. Aladdin's New Magical Friend. The Sultan's Ring.
Disney's Beauty and the Beast Movies Characters, From The Film Chip's Brothers and Sisters. The Pompous Butler Who was turned into a mantle Clock. The Self-Righteous Head HouseKeeper who was turned into a Teapot. Belle and Maurice's loyal Horse. Mrs Potts' Young Son who was turned into a teacup.
Hockey Sports black disk of vulcanized rubber that is one inch high, three inches in diameter. a pass of the hockey puck that leads directly to another player scoring a goal. when a player who is behind the center-ice line shoots the puck across the center ice line, the defensive zone blue line, and past the goal line without the puck ending up in the net or being touched by the defending goalie. the area in ice hockey where a player sits to serve penalty time. a fight.
The Human Lifespan Society Developing a deep interest in a career or hobby increases the ......... span of an individual. Occurs as individuals experience the full range of emotions and learn ways to appropriately express emotions. Widening of the hips is a ......... sex characteristic. The name of the stage starting at fertilisation and ending at birth . Youth lack the ........ of past generations.
How and Why did Australia Become a Nation? World Geography The person who is represented by the British Monarch.. The only way the Australian Federal Constitution can be changed.. Specific areas that the government runs.. The name of a law that is being debated on in both Houses of Parliament.. The day that elections are held..
Nutritional Facts Food The building blocks of protein. Is in every living cell in the body. A waxy fat-like substance that's found in all cells of the body. A fat found in your blood. Created when liquid oil are changed into solid fats, like shortening and some margarines.
Vikings: People and Places History Have fun! King Alfred fled here when the Norsemen occupied Wessex. The only Kingdom in England that was taken over by the Norsemen. The youngest son of Ragnar Lodbrok . Lady of the Mercians and Daughter of Alfred. The Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
Basil The Great Mouse Detective Movies Characters Heroes and Villains and Places From The Film The City where and when this film is set in. The Surgeon and Basil's New Trusted Associate. A Seedy Pub Near the Waterfront. The Criminal Master Minded Rat and Basil's Lifelong Arch-enemy. The Toymaker.
Basic Electricity Physics Protects an electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit. Negative charged particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom. Resistance in an electrical cable can vary with. The lines of force or force field around a magnet is also refereed to as the area of influence of magnetic . Converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Sports A company with a license to reproduce an official brand mark.. One-way mass communication paid for by an identified sponsor.. A relatively small market with specialized needs.. The importance worth or usefulness of something.. An individual that makes a purchase..
The Human Lifespan Society the perception that youth are ambitious, hardworking and happy. . the development that relates to the increase in complexity of processes in the brain.. the first stage of the human lifespan.. a type of thinking that involves the ability to think about concepts and ideas. . a characteristic of intellectual development that includes having the ability to retain and recall information..
What is Economics? Science the ways that human activities are organized and the rules under which they operate.. whether or not to purchase a product or service at a price above the production cost.. must be present to hold entrepreneurs and their investors accountable for the efficient allocation of their resources.. the value of the additional improvement.. spurs economic progress by the use of brain power to discover new products and less costly methods of production..
The Respiratory System Body a large eel-like freshwater fish which using pulses of electricity to kill prey or for defence.. disease caused by inflammation of windpipe and the two main air tubes that lead to the lungs. substances that make something dirty or no longer pure. infectious and inflammatory lung disease that results in lung damage. breathed out (the word has the letter p).
Covid-19 Health This storage space for food is with dried and canned goods. These people are working on a vaccine. Covid-19 is a _____. During this period everything was ____. the cure to Covid-19.
Contract Law Business and Work Broad underlying requirement that must be met to form enforceable contract. . An action terminating and offer whereby the offeror decides to withdraw the offer by expressly communicating the revocation to the offeree prior to acceptance. . Triple damages; often awarded in fraud cases. . The transfer of one party’s current rights under a contract to a third party, thereby extinguishing the original party’s rights.. Consideration that is sates in a written contract even though it is not actually exchanged. .
Pediatric Oncology Health Common side effect of chemotherapy; damage to oral mucosa.. Type of chemotherapy, can never scuba dive after getting this medication.. cancer that originates in the kidney is _____ Tumor. This medication can cause urine to turn red; cell cycle nonspecific. (height in cm x weight in kg/3600) then square root. This is the patient's _____.
Upper Limb Trauma Body Direction of the displacement of the distal fracture segment in Smith fracture. Fracture of the distal part of the radius resulting in a dinner fork deformity. Fracture of the diaphysis of the ulna. Fracture of the distal radius which results in a garden spade deformity. Collateral ligament affected in skier's thumb.
Arkansas Geography World Geography divisions on a globe into four parts. tools geographers use to classify info. the south eastern part of the state-lowland. imaginary lines on a globe running north to south. wind-borne soil.
Upper Limb Trauma Body Sign seen in posterior glenohumeral dislocation. Displacement of the distal radius fragment in Smith fracture. Fracture of the distal radius associated with a dinner fork deformity. Fracture of the diaphysis of the ulna sustained as a defensive injury. Oblique fracture of the radial styloid process.
Ancient China Asian History Find and Complete the Crossword a sovereign ruler of an empire.. a person held in servitude as the chattel of another. a person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying goods to a particular trade.. precious metal that China was known for. Continent that China is located.
The Atmosphere Meteorology When the Earth cooled down, water vapour did this (9). Cutting down large areas of trees and forests (13). 'The ______ Effect', the way that some gases act as an insulating blanket around the Earth (10). About 0.04% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas (6,7). The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a product, service or event (6,9).
Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer Other A type of food Sophie cooks her parents. Sophie's uncle. Not normal . They lay eggs that we eat. Sophie has 3 of them.
Sleep Expressions Health medical term for not being able to sleep. to sleep for a few months (some animals). informal word for sleep. sunrise. deeply asleep.
Celebrating Women Society First Indian woman to win a booker prize. First woman in the world to cross the seven seas . First Indian woman to score a T20I Century. First Indian to win an Oscar in 1983 . First woman chairperson of a listed Indian IT company.
Poverty and Living Standards Society A measure of gender inequalities in terms of empowerment and labour market participation.. A measure of living standards which includes a variety of indicators such as income, leisure time, distribution of income and environmental standards.. A condition when people are poor in comparison to others in the same country.. This measures the complexities of poor people's lives, individually and collectively, each year.. A measure of living standards used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population..
Middle-Earth Movies Actor who played Balin. Name of Bilbo's house in the Shire. Father of Bilbo Baggins. Durin's Bane. Race of Treebeard.
History of Latent Prints Other Person who was the first to identify the presence and locations of the volar pads on hands and feet. First to recognize that friction ridges assist with grasping. First culture known to have used friction ridge impressions as a means of identification. Credited with being the first person to study the persistence of friction ride skin. First country to rely solely on fingerprints as a method of identification.
Star Wars: Episode 1 Movies Was a Chancellor, Replaced by Palpatine.. Golden Droid, His name means; Human Cyborg Relations, Made by Anakin Skywalker.. Gungan, Clumsy, Saved by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.. One of Anakin’s friends.. Padme’s Guard, Has an Eyepatch..
The Rescuers Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film Ellie Mae's Husband. The Little Orphan Girl. An Owl In Deacon Clothes. Bernard's Co-Agent . The Mouse Rescue Organisation.
Fictional Giant Monsters Literature and Writing Main Characters: Heroes and Villains Kong's Mate. The Giant Insect-like Creatures. The Giant Mutant Dinosaur. Kong's Son. The Giant animal-plant-rock hybrid.
Trees & Forests Earth Sciences the top of a tree which forms the canopy. growing part of a tree where cells form wood. the non living wood making up most of a tree stem which strengthens the stem. living components of an environment. a tree which bears cones and has needles (ie pine, spruce, fir) aka evergreens.
Scientific Method Science ______ Science is the study of the earth.. An observation using words.. A “rule of nature” that describes the behavior of something in nature.. Moving energy.. An explanation based on many observations during repeated experiments..
Hematology Health Blood Cells and Clinical Applications methemoglobin is also referred as this name. capability of eosinophils. secreted by monocytes. one clinical application of hematology coupled with Hemostasis. exist in the peripheral blood for less than 8hrs after release from marrow.
30 Great Brits European History Fill in the grid with the surnames of these famous British people Microbiologist who in 1928 noticed that a certain mould destroyed certain bacteria.. Author of Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park etc in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.. Queen of England 1533-36 and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was beheaded.. Pioneering nurse during the Crimean War,1853-56, and founder of two Schools of Nursing. . Victorian writer of Silas Marner, Middlemarch, etc whose real name was Mary Ann Evans. .
Gilded Age & Corporations Other Use your knowledge of the content and Read-Its (if needed) to fill out the crossword below. Amusement park that opened in New York during this time period. Investigative journalists who brought attention to issues and corruption. An early form of the modern bicycle; front tire was much larger than back. The first president to use the Sherman Antitrust Act. Founded Standard Oil in 1870.
Map Terminology Geology a half of the earth, usually divided by the prime meridian or equator. shows the geographic boundaries between governmental units such as countries, states, and are usually hung up in classrooms. a sphere that is usually the earth. east of the prime meridian. usually put on a map to see direction.
Music-Themed Entertainment What musical does the song 'Memory' come from?. Note value twice as fast as a crotchet . A keyboard instrument which can play baroque music on. New building in Manchester that the Halle and Halle Youth Orchestra rehearse in. High pitched double reed woodwind instrument .
Hematology Health Represents volume or size of the average RBC. Break-up or ruptured RBCs (surrounded membrane) can produced red colored plasma. Fight bacterial infection, destroy & eliminates by means of excretory system. Also referred as 'Hemiglobin'. Used to estimate red and white cell counts.
Malaysia's Independence Day World Geography What are the four colours that appear on a Malaysia's flag? RED, YELLOW, WHITE AND ....... What is the Capital in Malaysia?. What does the blue canton on the flag mean?. Malaysia was previously known as .................. How Many Stripes are in the Malaysian Flag?.
Who is St. Thomas Aquinas? Religion What is Thomas Aquinas's mum's name?. How many siblings does Thomas Aquinas has?. How old was thomas aquinas when he died?. What is Thomas Aquinas's nickname?. Where Thomas died?.
U.S Health Care Health Common words that are used in the healthcare system. Nation's health protection agency. The death of children under the age one one.. A period of someone life. Key to reducing death, disability, and improving the Nation's health. Illness that are the leading cause of death.
The French Revolution and Empire History The belief that a monarch is subject to no Earthly authority, deriving his ruling from the will of God. The removal of government, usually through violent means. Name of French Legislature during the French Revolution. A wave of peasant riots and violence. Period where a series of massacres and public executions took place.
Genes, Genomes and Genetics Body the step of PCR when primers bind. genetic makeup of organism that determines phenotype. removed from mRNA by splicing. ________ disease - caused by a mutation in the HBB gene. the process of going from RNA to protein.
Washington State World Geography Washington state fruit. The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only temperate __ in the continental U.S. (2 wds). Longview is home to several bridges made specifically for this type of animal. Washington is one of the biggest providers of __ in the world. Highest mountain in Washington.
World Religions Intro Religion Moral code and laws for Muslims to follow. Includes statement of faith, giving to the poor, trip to Mecca, daily prayer, and fasting during Ramadan. holy book for muslims (follower of Islam). In terms of followers, Hinduism is the _______ largest religion in the world. Given to Moses. Set of Moral Codes and laws for Jews and Christians (thou shall not kill, steal, curse God etc.). Former Hindu prince, founder of Buddhism.
Silent Letters Spelling Lists Young sheep . A measurement of time. To be truthful . A person that inherits. A line on the skin.
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