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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Fairy Tales Literature and Writing the problem faced by the hero. a heroine of a fairy tale who is maltreated by a malevolent stepmother. a person who is believed to practice black magic. synonym of scare. usually the ending of a fairy tale.
Amsterdam Science Other dietary components, often referred to as vitamins and minerals. Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography . artificially structured materials used to control and manipulate light, sound and other physical phenomena. species that lived on the island mauritius. system to quantify human movement patterns.
Georgia O'Keeffe Art nationality . Moved here from Wisconsin. Birthday. Number of art schools she went to. age when she died .
Life in Earth's Oceans Earth Sciences The most diverse marine biome on Earth, found in warm, shallow waters beyond the shoreline.. The portion of the ocean that is shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate, allowing photosynthesis to occur. Most life lives in this part of the ocean.. The bottom of a marine ecosystem; consists of sand and sediment and supports its own community of organisms.. Are bodies of water found in areas where freshwater from rivers and streams and salt water from the ocean meet.. An area where ocean water sinks through cracks in the ocean floor, is heated by the underlying magma, and rises again through the cracks..
Reconstruction History US History No one can be kept from voting. He was assassinated in 1965. Democrats, opposed to the Republican Party. look for ground to dismiss the President. Established by Congress in the last month of war.
Red Scarf Girl Books - Autobiography China's Communist leader Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution in order to reassert his authority over the Chinese government. During the Cultural revolution Mao Zedong encouraged people to eliminate these things. Old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. The act of freeing someone or something. A declaration of objection or disapproval. Young students who promoted the Cultural Revolution.
The Cell Health Spindle fibers attach to centromeres, Chromosomes align in the middle.. The process in which the cell releases materials to the outside by discharging them as membrane-bounded vesicles passing through the cell membrane.. Fluid-filled, membrane-surrounded cavities inside a cell.. Consists of loosely coiled fibers of protein and DNA.. Chromosomes divide, spindle fibers shorten and pull the sister chromatids toward the centrioles..
Wars and Diplomacy History especially noticeable in the 18th cent. . armies needed. ended European conflict in 7 Years' War . new concept for diplomacy . major colonial power in 1763.
'au' and 'war' Spelling Lists All the answers to the clues are words with the spelling pattern 'au' or 'war' that make the vowel sound 'aw' Neil Armstrong, for example.. To stop someone from doing something. A distressing or disturbing experience. The process of washing clothes. One of Snow White's seven.
'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller Books Complete crossword puzzle Where Biff was for three months on a ranch. Time setting in the play. Main character's younger son. Where Willy's older brother found his fortune. Willy wants to plant these to represent the worth of his labor.
'e' Words Spelling Lists very large in size or quantity. try hard to achieve something. a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. a large bird of prey. the outer surface or structure of something.
'The West' World Geography Wyoming Nickname. AZ Capital. UT Nickname. American General at Little Big Horn. WA Capital.
'The Woman in the Snow' Books - Action and Adventure refused to give up her seat on the bus. Name of the 'woman in the snow'. to shrink back as in fear or disgust. to fall suddenly and steeply. important movement in American history to get equal treatment for all.
10 Qualities of A Lousy Leader Society Descriptions take responsibility for actions and mistakes. prideful. is not neat. not able to do what you promise. does not inspire others to follow.
10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader Society Descriptions tries to see the good in any situation. understands easily how things work and how to solve problems. believes in his or her ability to succeed. able to give part of the work to others. will keep working until the job is finished.
11 Ways to Facilitate Great Conversations Other Having disagreements allows for what type of conversation? . Opposed to putting people on the spot, make invitations for what/who?. We can make peace with this. . When prompting a group to begin conversation, what is prepared? . This can be inevitable in almost every discussion. .
12 Angry Men Movies please follow along with the powerpoint to find the hints to the worksheet. concept number 2 was what?. concept number 1 was what?. what was the verdict they came up with. what was the murder weapon?. the movie wasn't in color but....
13 Colonies History This person was injured during a boat accident and sent back to England.. A crop that a farmer grows in large amounts to sell.. A fence of large pointed stakes or posts.. A leader who is either appointed or chosen by the people.. An area whose landscape, climate, soil and way of life make it different from other areas..
13 Reasons Why Spelling Lists characteristic of those who treat others with condescension. an angular or rounded shape made by folding. Wildly frenzied and out of contro. the act of deriding or treating with contempt. a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image.
1500s History Natives believed in these. A span over hundreds of years where people traded fur pelts. People in France dine with these. Natives in the great plains rely on these for almost everything. A place with gems, gold and silver.
18th Century Scottish Rhetoric Influence History The Senses and the Will. What was published by Adam Smith in 1759?. The Wealth of Nations. At what age did Hugh Blair begin attending the University of Edenburgh?. The Origin and Progress of Language.
1920's History A time when the American public feared a Communist revolution in America. The government tracked down and jailed people suspected of being communist, often unfairly because of their race . Attitude toward immagrants. term used to describe the 1920's . a policy of pulling away from involvement in world affairs. carried out many crimes against African Americans, Catholics, Jews and immigrants; violence against minority groups .
1920s History Waves of frequency people can listen to. A silent cry for help. Motion picture. A debt that a person incurs when purchasing a good or service. A physical activty.
1945 History It happened in 1945 Nazi War Crime Trial Location. Born in Sicily September 23, 1945. Classic Toy first appears. #1 Girls Name. May 8, 1945.
1950's History 1945-1961 65 Million Children were born . Passed in 1947 in response to perceived threats from the Soviet Union after WWII. It established the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Council.. Dynamic culture based in large, heteroge¬neous societies permitting considerable individualism, innovation, and change; having a money-based economy, division of labor into professions, secular institutions of control, and weak interpersonal . company that produce and sell their goods and services all over the world. salaried professional or a person whose job is clerical in nature.
1950s Terms History 1945-1961 million children were born. places where people can watch movies in their cars. relating to the work done or those who work in an office or other professional environment.. who was elected president in 1952. What is the name of the first suburban town?.
1957 Fun Facts History Average cost - $18,000. President in 1957. Average cost - $2100. CBS News Correspondent was also born on January 14 in 1919. Cost $.19 per loaf.
1967 TRIVIA Puzzle History Whats the name of the room at the Pantlind Hotel where our Senior Prom was held. What is the name of the place we all bought our class rings from. Popular 1967 family TV show. Our Homecoming King . Who played Dr. William Chumley in the play Harvey.
1970's Rock and Roll History Music Lots of black, leather, combat boots, __________, and safety pins earrings.. Easy Bake ________. New York _______. 'The hardest working man in show business'. Average cost was $1.50.
1980's Arcade Games Entertainment Two commandos, Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean of 'this' unit (an elite group of soldiers specializing in guerrilla warfare), are sent to the island to destroy the enemy forces and uncover the true nature of the alien entity controlling them. Points are scored by a player manipulating one or more steel balls on a play field inside a glass-covered cabinet. The player assumes the role of a green-haired boxer, known by three initials the player chooses when the game begins. The player controls a starfighter that can move left and right along the bottom of the playfield. Game for two competing players trying to score points in the opposing player's goal using a table having a special low-friction playing surface.
20 Famous Suiperheros Entertainment Find your favorite superhero One of the most powerful telpaths in the universe. Normal human playing with magic. Know as the man of steel. Essential part of Marvel's cinematic universe. He is a reformed thief and an electronics expert.
2012 Hit Movies Movies Back to high school . The last Batman movie. I'm going to______. Legends unite. This isn't Cuba.
2015 Rugby World Cup Sports The answers are based on the 2015 Rugby World Cup and Rugby Union Which country won this years Rugby Championship?. International rugby returns in this month next year. Name the Rugby Union Studio show that has been shown on Thursday nights through the rugby season?. The Rugby World Cup trophys nickname. One of the exciting entertainment shows from Fox Sports for the RWC, Cup ------- Over.
2016 Scion IM Other Brand with youngest customers in the industry. Suspension that has two arms. Wide 225 ________ that give stability and grip. Shared with tC (You were framed). Color keyed and shark fin.
2016 World Series Sports Read the hint then write it in the correct collum. There is no spaces. Cubs player who's last game of his career was the last game of the World Seriesand also was the oldest player to ever hit a home run in the World Series. Player who got the last out of the World Series.. MVP of the World Series. . Record of the winners to the losers. . First baseman for the cubs.
2020 Election Government and Politics Get out and vote! An official or executive ranking below and deputizing for a president.. This animal represents the Republican Party. . A “____ state” leans Democratic. . The simple definition is a person who does not affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party. . Someone running for political office — or anyone being considered for a position or opportunity of some sort..
2020 Kentucky Derby Sports Call to. Drop from the race.. Number of inches in a hand.. Distilled from at least 51% corn.. Young female horse..
39 clues Books - Childrens Literature lead female charator . slammed the door when amy and dan took the clue. the main place for the first book. died and started the clue hunt. amy and dan's Au Pair.
50 Icons of Fashion Business and Work Use the clues to identify the Fashion Icon Italian fashion house known for its criticism of the fashion system. Innovative, colorful and eccentric designs. Italian fashion house known for its colorful knits. Parisian fashion house, Alber Albaz is the Creative Director. Parisian Haute Couture designer who uses a lot of historic references, known for the pouf skirt, rose prints. Designed Christina Aguilera's wedding dress. Belgian furniture designer turned menswear designer. Creative director for Dior..
A Child Called 'It' Books find the key words related to the book any act including confinement, isolation, or verbal assult. where someone has been hit with something sharp that could cause serious injuries. intentional act causing injury or trauma. your sperm donor. a governmental agency in many states of the U.S. responsible for providing child protection.
A Christmas Carol Movies the first of the spirits foretold by Marley. scrooge's little sister and Fred's mother. a pawnshop owner. the Cratchit's second daughter. another Cratchit daughter.
A Christmas Carol Movies hating mankind. a person that inherits something. wanting something that someone else has. punishment performed to show remorse for a sin. bad feeling.
A Christmas Carol Movies Match words in the blanks What was the climate. The jovial merchant . What did Ebenezer buy for the Crachits to eat for Christmas . Scrooge's nephew. What did Scrooge see in his future.
A Christmas Story Movies Some of the answers are more than two words Ralphie's little brother. 'Battle of the _ _ _ _' between Ralphie's mom and dad. The hound dogs eat this on Christmas Day. Ralphie's friend is double dog dared to touch his tongue to this. Ralphie tells his mom that this fell and broke his glasses.
A Day on the Beach Recreation protect the skin from burns.. a height you can jump into the water from.. dries your body after swimming.. a boat you use your legs in to get forward.. you use this to look under the water..
A Dog's Way Home Books What was the name of the homeless men who later died?. What was Lucas's girlfriend's name?. Where was Bella found at the beginning of the book?. How many miles did Bella travel?. Where does Lucas live?.
A Hole in My Life Books The prisoners started a riot and the governor had to send in troops.. Getting sent to Jail.. Jack wanted to go to college but didn't have the money.. Symbolism of the title.. 'He's a dope smuggler,' he replied..
A Jar of Dreams Books - Childrens Literature A Japanese word for I'm tired.. To pass or come into a new habitat or place.. A word that starts with Cal.. A word meaning attractive or outstanding.. A father or a grandfather..
A Little Bit of Fall Holidays and Seasons Changes color. Tree rat. Fall from oak trees. Used to frighten birds. Another name for fall.
A MAIDEN WITH A WOODEN BOWL Literature and Writing unwavering, persistent. polish, varnish. misgiving, doubt. profusion, plenty. sad, pitiful.
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