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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Places in a Town Society I watch a film here. I stayed here on holiday. I can get on a bus here. i borrowed a book here. I went to the shops here.
'e' Words Spelling Lists very large in size or quantity. try hard to achieve something. a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. a large bird of prey. the outer surface or structure of something.
The Human Body Body Ms Alice Leyraud The small hollow just below your waist at the front of your body.. The top part of your body, which has your eyes, mouth, and brain in it. . Between your neck and the tops of your arms.. The fine threads that grow in a mass on your head.. The back part of your foot, just below your ankle. .
God as Savior Religion Settles disputes. God's chosen people. City of David. A public official who decides on cases.. Minor prophet of God.
Coaches 1956-1962 Sports Coaches 1956-1962 Reims 1956,1959. Fiorentina 1957. Barcelona 1961. Eintracht Frankfurt 1960. Real Madrid 1960,1962.
Autumn in New England Holidays and Seasons Popular fall sport?. Popular form of cider?. A rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts?. Colorful autumn display?. A garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration?.
Gymnastics Sports The gymnast lies flat on the floor and pushes up so that they are supported by their hands and feet. One of the most basic floor skills. The standard outfit worn by gymnasts. Basic gymnastics shape where the knees are brought in to the chest. The skill used to get onto apparatus.
What Happened to Adam and Eve? Bible Genesis 2:8 - 3:24 GOD made Adam and Eve clothes out of --------. what was running through the garden. what Eve wanted to become. the person who named the animals. what was man made from.
Communication Other communication with oneself. is when a person is able to understand and interpret a message. communication not using words. 3 or more people. communication with a large number of people a great distance away.
Batty About Bats Animals the act of seeing; sight. join together, unite. a way of locating objects using sound. a condition in which something bad or harmful could happen. to get in the way of;disturb.
Popular Music Music Religious lyrics, choir singing in harmony. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus. With a mute . A guitar technique commonly used in Rock music.. A repeating pattern in the bass.
Our English Heritage Government and Politics supporters of the constitution.. the branch of government that interprets laws. . a form of government in which power is divided between the federal,or national,government and the states. . Compromise-agreement that enslaved person would count as three-fifths of other persons in determining representation in congress.. those who opposed ratification of the constitution..
Game Shows We Enjoy (Past & Present) Entertainment There are no spaces in the Puzzle. If the the answer is 3 words long just fill in a letter for each block You feeling lucky?. Balls with crazy bounces. Running around like chickens with heads cut off throwing things in their carts. Bargaining. Husbands & Wives still in the honeymoon stage.
Nature of Science - Unit 1 Science This is the variable under study. It is the one that is manipulated or changed during the course of the experiment.. the group in an experiment or study that does not receive treatment by the researchers and is then used as a benchmark to measure how the other tested subjects do. This is the variable to be observed and measured. The value of this variable depends on the independent variable.. the study of the structure, properties, and change of matter.. Process that uses observation and investigation to gain knowledge about events in nature..
Nutrition Health 9. What is apart of every cell membrane? . 5. What is an important component of our cell membrane? . 3. Worst type of fat?. 1. Diverse group of organic substances that are insoluble in water . 7. What fatty acid has more than one double bond chain? .
Vitamins and Minerals Health how many water soluble vitamins are there. how many fat soluble vitamins are there. what vitamin helps protect unborn babies from spina bifida. what mineral prevents rickets in childern. what type of soluble vitamin disolves in water.
Reading Genres Entertainment a story that uses fictional characters, but could happen. a suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story. verse written to create a response of thought and feeling from the reader; it often uses rhythm and rhyme. a fictional story that takes place in a specific time period; often the setting is real, but the characters are made up. a story that is not possible and may include talking animals or magical powers.
Does God Exist Religion These are people who are unsure what to believe. They think there is something out there but they don’t know what.. Something or someone that is all powerful.. A person who worships a supernatural being.. Someone who makes or creates something.. A person who believes that God exists..
OS and Computer Memory Technology Complete the crossword puzzle below It requires power to maintain the stored information. A type of user interface that is text based. An operating system that is free and open-source developed by Linus. It is the language of computer ( 1 & 0). It is considered as the brain of the computer.
Flamenco Music Music The percussive downward action to create chords on a guitar.. Finger tapping on the body of the guitar results in a p - - - - - - - - - style suited to dancing.. How many strings on an acoustic guitar?. The part of the guitar that tightens or loosens the strings. Known as machine heads or ?. using fingers to pluck melodies is known as what kind of device?.
Anatomy Body an empty space within mass. pertaining to the chest. pertaining to the head. body standing up straight and facing forward, with arms by the sides of the body and palms facing forward. the outer side.
Civics Other To be called upon to do something. The education of the responsibilities and rights regarding citizenship. This process turns an immigrant into a citizen. Someone that saw some kind of action or incident happen. A foreigner.
Body Orientation Body Complete Crossword It separates the body into to equal left and right parts. . It is a space in the body where organs are situated. There are many of these places where organs can be acted based off of their location. . related to the thorax . related to the head . This is a position where the body is upright, not flexed or tense. The 'standard' body position. .
Kitchen Other the meal after lunch. a utensil to cut food. turn this to get water. a hot beverage people like to drink in the morning. put a pot on this to heat your soup.
What is Econ Science A thing that motivates or encourages one to do something.. The cost added by producing one additional unit of a product or service.. An organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc.. A condition where different economic firms seek to obtain a share of a limited good. The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry..
Perspectives Society Unit 1 opposite of nervous or loud. someone who tells the truth is .... another word for 'get'. the opposite of insecure. when you feel fear about something.
Grooming Your Horse Animals Equipment A soft-bristled brush removes finer particles and dust, adds a shine to the coat and is soothing to the horse.. Preferred surface for the horse to stand on while grooming so he does not slip on hard concrete.. A metal tool designed to clean out the underside of the horses hoof, remove stones, manure and dirt.. This tool is used to remove individual hairs of the mane from the root with the purpose of thinning and shortening it.. A collection of these is necessary to groom a horses coat well..
Motion Physics it is travelling at 107,000km/hr. a measure of time. Your school. when an object is moving it has ......... the name of this topic.
Airport Transportation boarding pass. here they are. go to the gate. flight number. here you go.
A Wrinkle In Time Books Touchable; Real; Soild. Author of Winkle In Time. A type of European style sausage.. Manner of speaking. A homeless person that often wanders form place to place.
Basil The Great Mouse Detecive Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film A Surgeon and Basil's New Trusted Associate. A Criminal Master Mind Rat, and Basil's Lifelong Arch-Enemy. The Ruler of all Mousedom. A Toymaker. The Giant Clock Where Basil and Ratigan Fight each Other On At The Climax.
The Rescuers Down Under Movies Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Sequel Film A Surgeon Mouse. The Evil, Bloodthirsty Poacher. Bernard's Co-Agent and later wife. A Pessimistic Koala . The Great, Giant, Golden Eagle.
Short Story Elements Literature and Writing The struggle which is the basis of every story ever written. The arrangement of a series of incidents or situations that add to the complexity of the story. . The feeling aroused in a reader by the events in a story. Any one of the persons in the story. The setting is the time and place in which the story takes place.
What Is Econ Science Jimmy Matijevich Economics progress comes mainly from ___. The choices between the consumer and producer invoves ___. Improvements in ___ spur economic progress. Human desire for goods and services is ___. Economists refer all costs as ___.
Real Number System Math Use clues to complete the crossword puzzle about the Real Number System The way numbers are usually written, also known as numeral form.. Never ending.. Whole numbers from one to infinity. Known as counting numbers.. A decimal with a pattern of digits that repeat forever. . A positive whole number, a negative whole number and 0. It cannot be a fraction or a decimal..
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street Books - Childrens Literature Fill in the crossword using the hints Hyacinth’s dog. The place where they get there Christmas tree every year. Lives on the second floor and teaches Paganini to do tricks. A friend on the second floor that has tons of flowers. The type of material used to construct a building.
What is Econ Science incentives effect those choices and shape our lives. higher price brings the amount supplied into balance. actions also require marginal decision-making . buy from stores that offer low prices . improve their well being. A mutual gain..
Sketching Terms Art line which indicates dimensions of arcs, circles and detail. a drawing which contains views of an object projected onto two or more orthographic planes. a line type that represents an edge that is not directly visible. a measurable extent, such as the 3 principal dimensions of an object is width, height, and depth. a point in space, usually located on the horizon, where parallel edges of an object appear to converge.
Cain and Abel Bible you will find all the answers in Genesis chapter 4 A person who grows crops. The name for a group of sheep. Who would Cain and Abel have celebrated Father's Day with. I am the younger brother. This happens to you when you have done something wrong.
Sources of Finance Business and Work A business pays for the asset (eg machinery/ a vehicle) in instalments. The business owns the asset once the last instalment has been paid. A business can borrow an agreed amount from a bank and repay the money, usually in instalments, over an agreed time. An agreement with the bank to allow a negative bank balance. When the owner can lose personal possessions for a sole trader's debts. A business sells their unwanted/outdated assets to raise finance.
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Sports A relatively small market with specialized needs . The importance worth or usefulness of something. Seating used for business meetings . Someone who makes a purchase . Method of distribution for a promotional message.
Sewing Other Used for general sewing without a machine.. Sewing directions and cutting instructions.. The sharp circular blade allows you to easily slice through fabrics and get a nice clean cut.. A small ruler with a slider that is used to measure small measurements such as seams and folds.. Clear plastic ruler that is used with the rotary cutter and matt to provide accurate measurements and a straight edge while slicing fabric..
Name That Tune Music Can you guess the Song Title Told Michelle it's hard to die. Put A Ring On It. Death Cab for Cutie covered famous Smiths track. The warden threw a party in the county jail. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner.
Two Wolves Literature and Writing What card shows detail about you?. What is the title of this book we are advertising?. What is the girls name O....?. A long bed of water?. This is the opposite to grandmother?.
Deep Sea Creatures Earth Sciences Relating to the open sea. The kind if fish Mr. Blobby is. Lives in a chambered shell. The stinging cell on a jellyfish or comb jelly. A light producing organ in an animal.
African Music Music Read the clues and fill in the answers. When a soloist sings a passage and a larger group responds. Name of the West african drum commonly used in drum circles. Another word for seed pod - often used to make musical instruments. many different rhythms played at the same time. a combination of long and short note values that create a pattern..
Cells Body Organelles that capture light energy and create glucose in plant cells. A large structure found within the nucleus which creates ribosomes. Means there is a greater concentration of solute molecules outside the cell than inside. Cells that have membrane bound organelles. Longer projection that whips to help a cell move.
Dixieland Jazz Music Place where Dixieland jazz originated. Dixieland was similar to marching military bands with driving rhythms and powerful _________.. The __________ section kept the harmony going. front line instrument. Popularity died off in 1930's with the start of this type of jazz.
The Origins of the Cold War 1941-1958 History When Churchill said this existed to seperate the USSR and the rest of Europe (4,7). This is when one person is fully in charge of everything in a country, they are a ... (8). Set up in 1949, also known as the North Altantic Treaty Organisation (4). Ths UK is this type of government - money based (10). Early Russian leader, first name Josef (6).
St Thomas Aquinas Religion What year was he born?. What did his parents place him as when he was five?. How old was he when he died?. What year did he die?. Where did he go to university?.
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