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'W ' Words Crossword Puzzle

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'W ' Words

Words start with 'W'

              3           4        
          6                   7    
Across Down
2 shed tears
4 the longest migration of this ocean mammal was from Alaska to Mexico
6 this device can move your load of dirt from one garden bed to another
8 a stick that a magician waves to perform tricks
9 Harry Potter knows that this word means 'sorcerer'
10 ocean motions
11 often called 'football in water' this sport is played in teams of 7
12 throwing rice at these ceremonies insures good luck and prosperity
13 its the town that the Grinch stole Xmas from
14 these hairs on a seal's face can sense vibrations in water
15 the angel shark is named for its fins that are shaped like these
1 this character's job in fairy tales is to blow down poorly constructed houses
2 this breakfast item is a soft bread like cake with indentations
3 it's what an archer fish shoots out of its mouth to bring down insects in low lying trees
4 large animal of the Arctic ocean with even larger tusks
5 walk like a duck
6 this character was described as 'a bear of very little brain'
7 a big lie or a Burger King favourite
14 ants are related to these stinging insects
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