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50 Icons OF Fashion Crossword Puzzle

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50 Icons of Fashion

Use the clues to identify the Fashion Icon

                                      1   2   3                                  
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  28                                       29                   30     31            
                              32               33                                  
      34                                           35                              
        36                                         37                              
                                  38             39                                
                            40         41   42         43   44                        
Across Down
2 Italian fashion house known for its criticism of the fashion system. Innovative, colorful and eccentric designs
8 Belgian furniture designer turned menswear designer. Creative director for Dior.
11 Chinese American designer and former figure skater, known for her Bridal Couture. She was once a fashion editor at Vogue.
17 Famous for the stiletto and 'sammy red-bottoms'
18 Served as Creative Director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before focusing on his own label
20 He designed the wedding dress for fellow Calvin Klein employee Carolyn Bessette, Michelle Obama wore a dress from his 2009 collection in Grant Park with president-elect Barack Obama
21 Spanish-born, French designer known as the 'master of us all' by Christian Dior. He is credited with the bubble skirt, bolero jacket, and standing collars and bracelet sleeves
22 British fashion designer and Savile Row tailor who took his life in 2010
23 English designer who was an innovator in Mod fashion. She is credited with the miniskirt, hot pants, the 'scuba' suit, patterned tights and the duvet cover
24 English designer credited with modern punk and new wave fashion, her husband managed the Sex Pistols
25 French high fashion brand, known for the LBD, perfume No. 5 and the signature suit
26 French Haute Couture and RTW designer, former creative director for Hermes. He is known for using unconventional models, He designed the 'cone bra' for Madonna, designs based on the muscular system and costumes for Marilyn Manson.
27 Former princess, is credited with designing the iconic 'wrap dress'
28 Jack and Lazaro, design duo whose Parsons senior collection was purchased from Barney's New York
32 Cuban-American husband and wife duo, he is a fashion illustrator and she is a fashion designer
34 Spanish shoe designer with no formal training
35 Tunisian fashion designer who founded BCBG and acquired Herve Leger
36 French designer who is labeled as the 'Queen of the Bias Cut'
37 Jewish American designer whose work at Central Saint Martins was displayed the Victoria and Albert Museum. Sean Combs is one of his investors
40 Parisian Haute Couture designer who uses a lot of historic references, known for the pouf skirt, rose prints. Designed Christina Aguilera's wedding dress
45 Known for designing the 'LBD' and having actress Audrey Hepburn as the luxury brands muse for over 40 years
46 Parisian fashion house, Alber Albaz is the Creative Director
1 Known for his color blocked designs from the 1980's, he was invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode to return to Paris to present his Spring/Summer 2007 Collection in the Carousel de Louvre
3 Shoe designer who used unique materials such as cork, vinyl, lucite, wallpaper and gold
4 Austrian designer known for the 'monokini'
5 Fashion designer and co-founder of the Alice and Olivia brand
6 Founder of Comme des Garcons Co. Ltd in Tokyo as well as the Dover Street Market concept store
7 American fashion designer and painter that is known for his luxurious evening wear, 'chado'
9 Italian fashion designer known for his red dresses and evening wear
10 French Couture Designer who is known for the 'Le Smoking' tailored tuxedo suit for women, the safari look, and using models of color on the runway. He legitimized pret-a-porter
12 French designer who adopted the reputation of being a modern designer, known for publicity stunts and collaborations with architects and illustrators.
13 American fashion designer known for her whimsical design aesthetic. She does a cartwheel after each of her runway shows.
14 American Fashion Designer who worked under Perry Ellis. Her celebrity clients include First Lady Michelle Obama, who wore a custom-made Tracy Reese dress for her 2012 DNC Convention
15 Shoe designer who used a rented trailer in 1982 to start his business by selling outside of Market Week in New York and creating a documentary while doing this
16 Italian fashion house known for its colorful knits
17 English-born, French designer who is known as the father of Haute Couture.
19 Italian brand known for high-end leather goods inspired by luxury luggage and an artisan approach to construction
28 Parisian designer who freed women from corsets, known for the hobble skirt, the harem pant and garment development through the draping technique
29 French clothing company, the founder was named 'the Crocodile' based on reputation on the tennis court
30 Designer from Maryland who is credited with the 'American Look' along with the dirndl skirt, sundresses and ballet flats
31 She was crowned 'Queen of the Knits' in American fashion in 1967
33 The 'New Look', wasp waists
36 Known for 'jet-set' sportswear, he sold designs from his parents basement, 'The Iron Butterfly', as a teen
38 Italian fashion designer who was one of the first to link music and fashion. His sexy designs were influenced by Greece and the clients that his mom designed for. He first went by Giovanni.
39 Fashion Designer who won awards for costuming 'Sex and the City' along with other shows like Ugly Betty, and the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'
40 Minimal American fashion brand, now owned by PVH, designer jeans in the 1980's and Mark Wahlberg in their innovative 'boxer briefs'
41 French designer who created the famous LBD for Demi Moore in the movie 'Indecent Proposal' he also served as creative and artistic directer for Beyonce's 'I Am' tour and has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil
42 Tunisian couturier and shoe designer, notable clients, Grace Jones, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Tina Turner, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson
43 American fashion designer who started out designing ties in 1967 and later created 'store within a store' merchandising in their castle flagship store and the 'polo' shirt
44 Japanese designer, 'Pleats Please' collection
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