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Culinary Arts Crossword Puzzle

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Culinary Arts

                                    5                                 6      
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Across Down
9 In charge of the cold food station
11 French cuisine
13 Role was once to serve as bridge between the front of the house and the kitchen
14 Worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information
15 . Global network of chefs
16 Network with other Personal Chefs
17 Founded in 1996 by group of research chefs
18 receives orders directly from the chef de cuisine for the management of the kitchen
19 Manager and organizer who is financially accountable to the owner(s) and manager(s)
20 Known for its emphasis on seasonality of food
26 Help organizations solve problems using mathematical models
30 Responsible for making sauces and sauteed or panfried items
1 Create public interest in buying products and promote items to customers
2 Plan and direct the activities
3 Conduct research to develop and improve food products
4 popular in the early 1800'
5 Plan diets for patients and educate people about eating healthy foods but may not have any formal training
6 Felt food should be presented as art
7 Prepares any and all pork products
8 Manages a team of cooks
10 eader in providing educational resources
12 More highly skilled and better trained cooks who measure, mix and cook food according to recipes
21 Establishes and enforce rules in the food industry
22 served tableside by waiters in hotels and restaurants.
23 Fills in for other staff members on their days off
24 he Physiology of Taste
25 Characterized by use of various spices
27 1533
28 Style of cuisine that highlights individual ingredients
29 Treats, prepares, cuts and trims meats
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