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Using A Word Processor Crossword Puzzle

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Using a Word Processor

          2       3           4                      
                            5                       6
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    17                               18                
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            23 24   25   26     27     28                  
Across Down
2 the way text appears on a page
5 a format where both sides of the paragraph are straight
7 delete text and place the text at a different location
8 located at the top and left side of the document window, they are used for measuring
9 text that is reduced in size and lowered to the bottom of the line
10 a text style that puts a line under text
11 the position of text relative to the sides of the page
13 to modify the contents of a document
14 the default document view
15 the way a character is emphasized
16 a format where the right edge of the paragraph is straight and the left edge is jagged
17 to make a copy of text and place that copy at a different location
18 commonly referred to as font
19 a feature that automatically checks a document for grammatical errors
20 a word that has the opposite meaning of another word
21 a computer application used to create, modify, and print documents
23 a feature that automatically compares words to those in a dictionary file to determine if they are spelled correctly
29 a word that has a similar meaning to another word
1 the unit used to measure the size of text
3 a feature that automatically corrects commonly misspelled words and incorrect capitalization
4 text that is reduced in size and raised to the top of the line
6 the shape of a set of characters
9 text that is shown highlighted on screen
12 special symbols, representing spaces, tabs, and paragraphs, that do not appear on paper when a document is printed
21 the process used to determine if the next word will fit on the end of the current line or if it must go on the next line
22 a collection of synonyms
24 shows what the printouts will look like
25 a format where the left edge of the paragraph is straight and the right edge is jagged
26 a text style that makes text slanted
27 a designated area in memory where cut and copied text is placed; stores the last 24 cut or copied items
28 a format where the left and right edges of the paragraph are equally distant from the left and right margins
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