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A & P (Cells) Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 abbreviation of potential hydrogen
6 the structure of an organism; body structure
7 the sum of all the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems of a living being
8 abbreviation of ribonucleic acid
11 a function all cells perform as they break down nutrients an expel wastes
12 substances that form ions when they break down, or dissociate in water
14 a high concentration of hydrogen ions; a pH below 7.35
15 the process by which cells enlarge, divide and reproduce themselves
19 having a greater concentration of solute molecules
20 the passage of a solvent such as water through a membrane
21 energy factories, 'powerhouse' of cells
22 similar to lysosomes, abundant in liver, they absorb an neutralize toxins such as alcohol
23 excessive loss of body fluid
29 atom that has lost one or more negatively charged electrons and now has a positive charge
30 ion with a positive charge
1 the function by which cells take in oxygen, which is used to transform nutrients into energy
2 the functions of an organism; the physical and chemical processes of a living thing
3 protects against disease, produces nutrients, breaks down bacteria
5 the natural tendency of teh body to maintain a steady and normal internal environment
9 ion with a negative charge
10 normal tension in a cell; the resistance of the skin to deformation
13 the function of nerve cells that creates and transmits an electrical impulse
16 the thick fluid that fills a cell; also called a protoplasm
17 performed by glands that produce substances such as hormones, mucus, sweat and saliva
18 the total changes that take place during physiological processes
23 the movement of molecules through a membrane from greater to lesser concentration
24 having a lesser concentration of solute molecules
25 abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid
26 a low concentration of hydrogen ions; a pH above 7.45
27 equal in concentration of solute molecules
28 the organelle within a cell that contains the DNA
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