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A Bend IN The Road Crossword Puzzle

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A Bend In The Road

                      1       2                  
              6                           7      
              9                       10          
              11                 12                
    13     14     15                                
                      16     17         18          
  19                             20                
22     23     24                                    
                26                 27              
Across Down
6 Who killed Missy in the hit and run accident?
9 What does the person who committed the hit-and-run do after the accident?
11 Where does Miles and Brian meet when Miles forgives him?
15 Brian the moves to ________________ and becomes an ER doctor.
19 Where did Sarah Andrews move from?
21 Who is Sarah Andrews?
25 Where do Miles and Sarah go on Halloween?
26 What has Jonah experienced ever since his mothers death?
28 What can't Sarah do?
1 What was missy doing when she was out and got killed?
2 Where does this story take place?
3 How old was Jonah when Missy died?
4 Missy had long __________ hair.
5 How does Miles meet Sarah?
7 What did Sarah move?
8 How old is Miles?
10 What causes the accident?
12 At first who did miles think was the person that killed Missy?
13 What is Miles Ryans sons name?
14 What grade in high school did Miles meet missy?
16 Who is Sarahs ex husband?
17 When the secret is revealed of who killed Missy, Miles and Sarah break up and what does Miles want to get?
18 What is the name of miles good friend and boss?
20 What grade does Sarah teach?
22 The last time Miles saw Missy they were in a _______________.
23 What was Miles wives name?
24 What does Miles do that makes him to deny how bad it is?
27 What is Miles job?
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