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A Glossary OF Gcse Literary Terms Crossword Puzzle

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A Glossary of GCSE literary terms

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Across Down
2 The main topic linking ideas
3 The waytime is represented in a text
4 This is when consonant sounds are repeated
6 A way for the author to introduce ideas that have happened previously
7 This writing device allows a reader to know more than a character in a text
8 An improbable comedy
9 Towards the end of a novel the complex plot may be unravelled
11 Abusive or attacking writing or speech
12 Same sound syllables at the end of the line in a poem
13 This is often a reference to a particular person, event or work
14 A relationship of events that happen in a story to earlier and later events
16 Very shocking or dramatic emotional scene
1 The author creates this and, in turn, the reader visualises the pictures
3 The way in which people in the story are created and developed
5 The person telling the story to the reader
10 This could be emotive, angry or optimistic!
15 Animals are used in a moral tale or story
17 True to life characters, events and settings
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