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A Humerus Crossword About Joints Crossword Puzzle

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A Humerus Crossword About Joints

Crossword assignment on the content in chapter 8: joints.

      1       2           3           4                                    
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    16     17                                               18                
21                               22                                          
              23                 24                                          
          25         26   27                                                  
      30                       31                                            
        32                   33 34     35     36     37   38                      
                        39                               40                  
Across Down
1 Joint with a nonaxial movement.
3 Fibrous joint called 'peg-in-socket'.
9 Inflammatory disease caused by the transmission of bacteria from tick bites.
10 Movement of foot turning laterally.
11 Junction of fibrocartilage and bone.
13 Inflammation of bursa, caused by a blow or friction.
17 Junction or plate of hyaline cartilage.
18 Type of freely moving joint exhibiting a joint cavity.
19 Movement that forces body beyond anatomical position.
20 Fibrous joint tissue found only in the skull.
21 Movement described as turning forward.
22 Chronic degenerative condition referred to as 'wear-and-tear'.
24 Classification of joints capable of slight movement.
25 Lifting foot upwards.
28 Circular movement of limb.
29 Sheath that completely engulfs tendon that is subject to friction.
30 Joint with uniaxial movement between ulna and radius.
31 Pointing foot down.
32 Sheath composed of flattened fibrous sacs containing synovial fluid.
33 Type of joint linking neighboring bones with cartilage.
39 Arthritic condition often found afflicting the base of the big toe.
40 Joint with a biaxial movement regarding metacarpal I and trapezium.
41 Turning of a bone on its own rotation.
42 Joint with a biaxial movement regarding phalanges and metacarpals.
2 Lifting a body part superiorly.
4 Classification of joints that are incapable of movement.
5 Chronic inflammatory disorder common to women.
6 Classification of joints capable of free movement.
7 Looking into joints.
8 Shifting a body part inferiorly.
11 Fibrous joint linked to bones by ligaments.
12 Joint with a multiaxial movement.
14 Movement of a limb toward the body midline.
15 Modified hinge joint in skull.
16 Movement that decreases the angle of the joint by bending.
19 Joint with an uniaxial movement between humerus and ulna.
23 Stiffness, pain, swelling in the joint.
26 Type of joint connecting adjacent bones with collagen fibers.
27 Movement that increases the angle between joints.
29 Inflammation of tendon sheaths.
34 Movement of a limb away from the body midline.
35 Movement of foot turning medially.
36 Most freely moving joint in the body.
37 Special movement of thumb tapping other
38 Movement described as turning backward.
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