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A Long Way Gone Crossword Puzzle

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A Long Way Gone

Crossword Puzzle

                            4   5          
                    6   7       8         9
            12 13                            
    15                       16              
17             18                            
                                19       20  
        22                           23      
        27             28   29   30            
Across Down
3 deep regret or guilt
8 particular feature of something
11 roofed platform around the outside of a house
12 difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation
15 starchy tuberous root of a tree
16 cause an event to happen or exist
17 area where a ship may be moored to load or unload
18 setting someone free from imprisonment
21 the overthrow of a government
22 a diet without enough nutrients or too many
24 person who has been forced to leave the country
25 a look that conveys a particular emotion
26 brutal slaughter of people
27 to steal goods during a war or riot
28 broad, heavy knife
1 large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting troops
2 the tendency to be easily annoyed
4 put a decision into effect
5 sword-like stabbing blade on the muzzle of a rifle
6 to occur at or during the same time
7 solidify or coagulate
9 strategy planned to achieve a specific end
10 not slack
13 promoting political revolution
14 bleak and lifeless
19 coming after something in time
20 statement expressing general truth
23 heavy load
25 surround something completely
26 severely mutilate
29 another word for sneakers in Africa
30 to fix an object firmly into the ground
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