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A Midsummer Night's Dream Crossword Puzzle

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

                  14     15     16   17            
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Across Down
1 the extreme ill will or hatred
4 lacking the rosy glow of life or health; pale
8 in folklore, a child who is secretly substituted for another one by fairies
10 the ability to speak forcefully, expressively, and persuasively
11 pleasant to hear; especially soft or soothing
12 without fear; bold; daring
14 the good judgment and sensitivity needed to avoid upsetting others
19 to refer disapprovingly to somebody or something; to criticize
24 to be fond of; admire
25 overindulgence in something, especially food or drink; excessive
26 the face; facial expression
1 with little or no preparation; without rehearsal
2 become weak or feeble as a result of depravation
3 one who is disloyal to a cause ro duty; coward
5 to diminish the seriousness of, make a joke out of
6 somebody or something that is the very best example of something
7 to disobey or disregard the rules
8 causing confusion; bewildering
9 to pass time in a pleasant way
13 courage shown in war or battle
15 make blush; to embarrass with teasing or provocation
16 to change places; reverse usual order
17 someone who is eager to give unwanted help or advice
18 boring, monotonous, or repetitive
20 full of anger or moving in all directions, busily or frantically
21 friendly and pleasant
22 to deny oneself something; avoid
23 charmed, fascinated, or captivated by somebody or something
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