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A Nation IS Born Crossword Puzzle

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A Nation is Born

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Across Down
4 This famous author is accredited to writing “Common Sense” trying to persuade British opposition.
5 A group that fought for a strong central government.
9 This act was established in 1764 and its intent was to decrease smuggling.
13 This case confirmed the concept of “judicial review” and is arguably one of the most important Supreme Court cases in early America.
16 The two meetings of the delegates before and during the war.
17 A revolt born out of problems with the whiskey tax.
20 A founding father that wrote 'The Federalist Papers.' He also has a broadway musical that was written about his life.
21 A series of four policies that were aimed toward immigrants and restricted freedom of speech/press.
22 A final attempt to try to dodge going to war with Britain.
23 A group that fought for more of a individual government.
24 A crucial time where one side shifted to the other. An example of this is the Battle of Saratoga.
25 This period of time was characterized by peace and prosperity while Thomas Jefferson was in power.
26 An army led by General George Washington.
28 A large acquisition of land that cost America a hefty 15 million dollars.
32 This act was established in 1765 and directly taxed printed paper and different types of documents.
33 A war between Britain and America that lasted two years.
1 A system of trade policies that the colonies didn’t really care about, the colonies just had to remain loyal to Britain.
2 On the day of March 5th, 1770, in Boston, a group of Patriots threw some rocks & snowballs at a group of British soldiers. This public brawl was thrown out of proportion.
3 An organized uprising of (mostly) farmers against state government caused by high taxes and unpaid debt. The uprising was unsuccessful.
4 This series of acts was established in 1767 and imposed taxes on paper, glass, paint, lead, porcelain, and tea. The series of taxations lasted about a year.
6 This document details the rights of the people that was added on to the Constitution.
7 This act was established in 1766 and tried to justify Britain's actions of taxation on the American colonists by explaining that the system of Taxation was the same as Britain’s.
8 A treaty that officially brought an end to the war of 1812.
10 A document declaring independence from British Parliament and calling out King George III on his abuses.
11 This act was established in 1765 and required people to house British soldiers in their homes or barracks.
12 A diplomatic conflict between France and the United States that broke out into an “undeclared” war.
14 Said to be the first shot fired in the American Revolution. This took place at the Battle of Lexington and Concord.
15 A failed attempt at trying to build a government. This document consisted of 13 articles.
18 The battle when “the world turned upside down.”
19 This group of Patriots banded together to communicate and spread information to oppose Britain throughout the 13 colonies.
27 In response to a certain act that the British imposed, in the middle December of 1773, a group of Patriots in Boston organized a protest and disguised themselves as Native Americans.
29 A patriot based organization that most likely influenced the events of the Boston Tea Party.
30 A peace treaty effectively ending the American Revolution.
31 A document that is the basis of the American government. It provides the regulations and requirements of the government and how it should operate.
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