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Activity-based Teaching, Simulation, & Imagination Crossword Puzzle

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Activity-based Teaching, Simulation, & Imagination

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Across Down
6 A type of learning where students work together and are both responsible for their own learning and the learning of all group members.
9 This type of education occurs when students of two or more professions learn with, from, and about one another to improve collaboration and the quality of care.
10 ________ in the skills lab is hands-on and directly applicable to direct patient care.
12 Developed by Moreno as a psychotherapy technique, participants may reflect themselves, however, are required to recite specific lines or answer specific questions.
15 Style of teaching where participants dramatize and improvise behaviors to illustrate actions in a defined situation.
16 An analysis of an incident or situation where characters are described and factual or hypothetical events transpire; problems are addressed that need to be solved or resolved.
18 Controlled experiences that represent reality; students are able to learn and engage without risks of real-world problems.
19 Some role playing techniques include a ________ in order to guide conversation, identify roles to be played, and allow rehearsal.
20 When an entire class is structured as a game.
21 Use of an electronic form of _____________ can prove an effective means for self-review of a role playing scenario where participants can view the playback of their actions.
23 Use of simulated experiences allows the participants to practice critical thinking and nursing skills within a __________ environment.
24 This type of learning uses real-life examples to facilitate critical thinking in groups with a proper analysis to reach an ideal solution.
25 A reflective process that occurs after a game or scenario ends and is an important part of the learning process to address concepts and applications of material.
1 Simulated experiences allow instructors to ______ real-life scenarios to facilitate learning and explore alternative strategies to clinical management for participants.
2 Completed after a module to evaluate whether the learning objectives and content have been mastered.
3 SimPatients may have the technology to simulate modifiable functioning organ systems, such as _______ bowel sounds.
4 One component of the Clinical Judgement Model that refers to the actions and outcomes of particular behaviors.
5 A controlled environment that offers practical application where students can participate in patient care skills, critical thinking, and replicate actual clinical scenarios.
6 This type of model describes reasoning processes that nurses experience as they provide care in complex patient situations.
7 Abbreviation for communication technique that focuses on arranging throughs prior to communication that can be practiced in a simulated experience.
8 The person responsible for setting the stage, monitoring the action, and leading the analysis with a role playing scenario.
11 Abbreviation for computerized, life-sized mannequins who can be used for role playing and simulated scenarios to interact similarly to a real-life clinical scenario.
13 Setting up an agenda at the beginning of an IPE experience fills this role for initiating, informing, and evaluating whether or not group goals have been achieved.
14 Russian psychologist who believed that most effective learning occurred within the zone of proximal development; where knowledge is just beyond a learnerís current knowledge.
17 Abbreviation for type of summative evaluation in a skills setting to determine proficiency of one or more skills.
22 These types of games are beneficial for memorizing certain skills and matching concepts.
26 Assigning a specific _______ in a simulated experience aids to establish the expectations and responsibilities of the participants; e.g. Primary nurse makes initial assessment and final decisions.
27 A classification of clinical simulation that examines the realism of the experience and differentiates it as low, medium, or high.
28 A generic term that includes adaptable skilled activities, boards, or cards that can be used to teach and enhance the learnerís understanding.
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