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Across Down
6 _____ is a process by which marketers search for unique groups of people whose needs can be addressed through more specialized products.
7 The term ____ best explains why most automobile manufacturers produce similar products yet consumers have preferences for specific brands.
9 The _____ consists of two sub-strategies: the creative strategy and the media strategy.
10 During the _____ age, manufacturers were principally concerned with production, and the primary burden of marketing fell on the wholesalers.
11 A direct inducement offering extra incentives all along the marketing route.
14 _____ are tangible products such as, clothes, iPads, and automobiles.
16 The passing of information, especially product recommendations, in an informal, unpaid, person-to-person manner.
17 A statement of how the company is going to accomplish its marketing objectives.
18 Who is considered the father of advertising art?
23 _______ refers to items such as detergent, nail polish, soda, and pretzels?
24 Owing to the Great Depression of 1929, the expenditures in advertising plummeted. This led advertising agencies to shift their focus to _____.
26 A(n) _____ is an effective way to separate a particular brand from its competitors by associating that brand with a particular set of customer needs that rank high on the consumer's priority list.
27 _____, written by Claude Hopkins, is also called the bible of salesmanship.
1 _____ is a type of marketing used to slow down the demand for certain products, such as energy-consuming goods.
2 The use of ___________ allows advertisers to appeal to a limited TV audience with specialized interests.
3 A sequence of actions or methods aimed at satisfying consumer needs profitably.
4 The particular good or service a company sells.
5 ____ includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines and billboards.
6 The various efforts and tools companies use to communicate with customers and prospects , including newspaper ads, event sponsorship, publicity, telemarketing, digital ads, coupons, etc.
8 The term _______ means coordinating a firm's messages from a variety of sources.
12 An instrument or communications vehicle that carries or helps transfer a message from the sender to the receiver.
13 A marketing function that identifies products and their source and differentiates them from all other products.
15 Unique selling proposition
19 Advertising reaches us through various channels of communication referred to as _____.
20 word-of-mouth
21 An advertisement serving the public interest, often for a nonprofit organization, carried by the media at no charge.
22 _____ is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
24 The _____ is typically broken down into the 4 Ps: developing products, pricing them strategically, distributing them so they are available to customers at appropriate places, and promoting them through sales and advertising activities.
25 According to the history of advertising, the _____ made possible the first advertising formats—posters, handbills, signs, and newspapers.
28 People who buy products and services for their own, or someone else's, personal use.
29 Benefits or harms caused by the sale or consumption of products to people who are not involved in the transaction and didn't pay for the product.
30 Advertising is evolving into a ______ where consumers with PCs, cell phones, Internet connections, and cable TV can choose the information they access and then spend time researching the product information they desire.
31 Economic, political,religious, or social viewpoints that advertising may attempt to sell.
32 ____ is the structured and composed nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products or ideas by identified sponsors through various media.
33 _____ has driven the growth of advertising since its earliest beginnings and has made it one of the hallmarks of the free enterprise system.
34 A bundle of benefits that may or may not be physical, that are temporary in nature, and that come from the completion of a task.
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