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African Environment Crossword Puzzle

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African Environment

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1 Because of this, the available water is even stretched even further to meet African growing numbers.
2 This is the primary cause for desertification and water shortages.
3 The clear cutting of trees in the rain forest and other regions with dense vegetation.
4 human waste, pesticides, fertilizers, and factory biproducts all
5 This feature covered most of Africa 100 years ago. Deforestation has reduced it by 90%.
7 When farmers cut and burn areas of forest year after the year; ultimately leaving the soil void of nutrients.
8 climate change, pollution, and increasing populations cause this to occur in Africa.
9 As the planet warms and forests are cut, the desert has slowly begun to take over more of Africa.
1 Because of this, African governments can't afford to attack environmental issues.
6 this African featrue has taken over nearly half of the continent due to desertification.
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