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Albert Einstein's Crossword Puzzle

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Albert Einstein's

There are no repeat answers in this puzzle, each hint have its own answer.

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Across Down
2 His closest childhood was his little sister ______.
7 His ________ is the person who taught to play the violent.
8 The smart scientist who created E=mc2 equation
9 Albert once had dared challenge _______, the person who created laws of motion.
10 In 1903, Albert married Mileva and they had a daughter named____.
12 '_______is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, _________ encircles the world' - Albert Einstein.
15 Later on, they had a son named _______ and another son named _____.
19 Albert was inspired by a _______.
20 'I have no particular talent, I am _________' - Albert Einstein.
22 After his death, ___________ was removed without permission from his family.
23 He passed the ______ and ________ sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest (history, languages, geography, etc.)
1 By the time Albert left his native land for _______, He was no longer simply a well-known physicist- he was a world hero and cultural icon.
3 'I could ____ my fingers that i wrote that first letter to Roosevelt' - Albert Einstein.
4 During WWII, Albert learned Nazi scientist used his E=mc2 formula to create bombs, and so he wrote a letter to U.S. President __________ suggesting that America should create its own atomic research program.
5 Albert Einstein died on _____ 16, 1955.
6 He had ______ difficulty as a child.
11 Albert _______ school.
13 His head was so _______ and oddly shaped that his mother, Pauline, at first feared she had given birth to a deformed child.
14 Albert would forever ______ his role in the bomb's creation after he learned that U.S had bomb the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their atomic bombs.
16 Albert Einstein's name is synonymous with _______.
17 Because Albert was a _______, he have to leave Europe for good.
18 Albert Einstein, the man who known mostly for his work as a scientist who forever changed the way we think about the __________.
21 He also have a nickname that his professors called him.
23 He was born on _____14,1879
24 Energy = Mass times the Speed of Light squared, the most famous equation of all time.
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