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Algebra Crossword Puzzle

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                                2         3        
                  4     5                       6  
            11                             12        
                        18             19            
21                                 22                
              23   24           25                    
Across Down
3 The vertical axis of the coordinate plane
9 For all real numbers a and b; AB=0 then A=0 or B=0
11 variable that provides the output values of a function
13 An equation that contains one or more variables
15 Can be writen in standard form ax2+bx+c=0
16 A real number that can be writen as a ratio of two integers
17 The sum and the difference of the same two terms
20 The counting numbers
21 The nonnegative integers
23 The distance that a number is from zero on a number line
26 A polynomial of two terms
1 The side opposite to the right angle in a right triangle
2 A matematical sentence that compares the values of two expression using an inequality symbol
4 A mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign
5 A relation that assigns a relationship among quantities
6 To prove somethings true
7 The set that contains all of the elements of two or more sets
8 Any trinomial of the form a2+2ab+b2
10 The horizontal axis of the coordinate plane
12 Each of the sides that form the right angle of a right triangle
14 A real number
18 A way to show data
19 A number of the product or quotient of number and one or more variables
22 1k=1000cm
24 An ordered list of numbers that often form a pattern
25 A symbol, usually a letter that represents one or more numbers
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