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All About Finance Crossword Puzzle

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All About Finance

Solve the crossword.

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Across Down
5 To obtain or use money from a bank or other person in order to purchase goods or services.
6 A table for recording information about checks written on a bank account.
9 The total amount of money in a bank account at any given time.
11 An account at a bank that allows a person to deposit or withdraw money and write checks.
13 Money placed into a checking or savings account at a bank.
14 To spend an amount greater than the balance of an account.
15 A bank account that allows a customer to deposit and withdraw money and earn interest from the bank.
18 An organized plan for money in which the total income equals the total expenses for given period.
20 Amount of additional money a person would need in order to pay all expenses.
21 Money removed from a savings or checking account.
1 The amount of money received in a particular time in exchange for work.
2 A slip of paper that is filled out to allow a bank to take money from a checking account.
3 Amount of money that a lender or business allows a person to use to purchase goods and services with a promise to repay the money.
4 An amount of money subtracted from a bank account balance.
7 Payment made over the internet, that allows money to be taken directly from your bank account.
8 Subtract taxes from a worker's gross income.
10 Total price of goods or services before sales tax is added.
12 Paper money and coins.
15 Amount of money greater than the amount needed.
16 Money required of individuals and businesses in order to pay for government services.
17 A table used to record income and expenses.
19 To subtract money from a total.
21 A regular payment, usually hourly or weekly, paid to a worker by an employer.
22 Money, goods, or services owed to others.
23 Money that is borrowed by a person to purchase goods or services with agreement to repay the money over a set period of time with interest.
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