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All Things Fingerprints Crossword Puzzle

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All Things Fingerprints

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Across Down
3 Monozygotic (identical) twins have identical fingerprints. True or False?
4 The most common powder type used to enhance latent fingermarks on smooth non-porous surfaces.
5 This powder type is good for textured non-porous substrates such as vehicle cowlings.
6 A single ridge divides into two and the flanking ridges diverge to make room for it.
8 The ________ sequence is the relationship between ridge characteristics in a fingerprint i.e. the order and relative position.
9 The outermost layer in skin.
11 The fingermarks which are the result of the transfer of body perspiration and oils on fingertip ridges onto a surface.
13 The process which should be followed when carrying out a fingerprint identification in order to minimise the impact of cognitive bias.
14 This is the recommended technique for latent fingermarks on paper. It reacts with amino acids in the fingermarks and develops a pink/purple colour.
16 A(n) ______ loop slopes down to the left on the left hand and down to the right on the right hand.
17 Basic ______ 40 is a common fluorescent dye used to enhance superglue-fumed latent fingermarks.
1 The surname of the brothers found guilty in the first murder trial to use fingerprint evidence.
2 This pattern type has at least one circuit of ridge formation completing 360' and had two deltas.
4 The identification system set up by Alphonse Bertillon based on a series of body measurements.
7 The name of the current national fingerprint database.
10 Ridge characteristics are classed as _________ level detail.
12 The least common fingerprint pattern type.
15 Sir Edward _______ set up the first fingerprint bureau at New Scotland Yard
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