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Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient China

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Across Down
2 Name of river and river valley where first Chinese civilization developed - also known as Huang He
3 According to Confucius, a just ruler had the _____________ of Heaven
4 Dynasty that embraced Legalism
8 Portuguese tradepost in China
9 Precious green stone
12 Mongol ruler
13 Term used by Chinese to describe foreigners, especially Europeans
14 Important Chinese luxury item that trade route was named for
17 Chinese philosopher who believed harmonious social relationships were the key
19 Finely crafted item used for sculptures and dishes
20 Important trading center in Ming China
21 Chinese invention that made Mongol warriors even more fierce
22 Power is passed down through families usually from father to oldest son
28 __________ piety - means 'respect your elders'
29 _______ Polo; famous Italian merchant who wrote books about his journeys in China
31 Belief system organized around nature and balancing opposites
32 Chinese Muslim admiral who expanded Chinese trade with Asia and Africa
33 Dynasty of Mongol rulers in China
1 Political ideal of harsh laws and punishments
5 Religion that was introduced to China through the Silk Road
6 City in China which became capital under the Mongols
7 Chinese invention used for exploration
10 Enormous structure that was built to protect China from invaders in the north; the Great _______
11 Very artistic style of writing
15 Grandson of Genghis Khan who became emperor of China
16 Nomadic warriors to the north who conquered China in the 1200s
18 Dynasty which overthrew the Mongols
21 Vast Asian desert
23 Counting instrument invented in China
24 Longest river in China; first colonized by the Zhou Dynasty
25 Important Taoist philosopher
26 Dynasty that ruled during the period of 'Warring States'
27 Chinese martial art based on Taoist principles
30 Dynasty overthrown by the Mongols
31 Dynasty that oversaw China's 'golden age'
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