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Animal Health Crossword Puzzle

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Animal Health

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5                                                 6
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Across Down
3 providing for all of the needs of an animal to allow them to live, grow and reproduce free from pain and suffering
5 the action of stopping something from happening
7 a disease caused by microorganisms
8 virus or bacteria that causes disease
9 number of breaths taken per minute
10 rights of animals to have life and freedom
12 measure of how much heat is in the body
13 measures that are taken to stop the spread or introduction of harmful organisms to human, animal and plant life
14 to make free from living microorganisms by using physical and chemical agents
15 the practice of raising animals and tending to animal health
18 the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature
1 number of heart beats per minute
2 deficiency of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the organs and muscles
4 results from injury, improper nutrition, genetic abnormality, unfavorable environmental conditions or exposure to toxic materials
6 a lack or shortage
11 measurement of pulse rate, respiration rate, and body temperature that determine the status of an animalís health
16 physical change in an animal caused by a pathogen, such as fever or body aches, that may indicate disease
17 a disease that can spread from animals to humans
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