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AP Biology Crossword Puzzle

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AP Biology

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Across Down
1 a cyclin-Cdk complex that triggers a cell's passage past the G2 phase
4 units of all living organism
6 the scientific study of heredity and variation
9 consists of 46 chromosomes
10 cells that have 46 chromosomes
12 where the chromosome most likely to attached to
14 single parent that produced by cloning process
16 phase where the chromosome develop and grow
17 regulator proteins involved in the cell cycle control
20 the union of gametes
21 the spreading of cancer cell to other places
22 molar concentration of a solution
23 the stage that the chromosomes line up in the metaphase plate
27 homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
28 nucleic acid that contain a unique genetic code
29 protein complexes that associated with the centromere
31 movement of molecules from a high concentration to a low concentration
32 the movement of water from low concentration to a high concentration
33 beginning of the cell division including cytokinesis
34 the transmission of traits from one generation to the next
35 consists of 23 chromosomes
36 fertilized egg
37 group of an identical individual
1 cell division for growth, repair, and development
2 types of human cells that produced gametes
3 tumor that are not endanger
5 stage that the chromosome are at the opposite end
7 stage when the chromosome begins to move to the opposite side
8 consist of a single DNA molecule
11 the unit of heredity and made up of segments of DNA
12 the change in the level of a solute in a solution
13 the normal distention or rigidity of plant cells, resulting from the pressure exerted by the cell contents on the cell wall
14 the remaining 22 pairs of chromosome
15 specific location for gene on a certain chromosome
18 sex cell for male (XY)
19 sex cells that consist of egg and sperm
24 diploid organism that makes haploid spores by meiosis
25 an ordered display of the pairs of chromosomes from a cell
26 demonstrated by the differences in appearance that offspring show from parents and siblings
30 a lower concentration of solutes when compared with the surrounding medium
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