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Aromatic Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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Aromatic Chemistry

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2 In a slow reaction of a mono substituted benzene with an electron withdrawing group attached, what product would be formed?
4 What effect can separation of charge in resonance forms cause?
5 What substitution reaction is favoured when the starting compound is anisole?
6 Which type of conjugation system in chemistry has an effect on reactivity and molecular electronic transitions?
9 Which reaction can be used to reduce a carbonyl group using basic conditions to form an alkylation product?
13 Which colourless liquid is used as a dehydrating agent in the preparation of nitriles from primary amides?
14 What is the only type of reaction that benzene can undergo?
15 Identify the property that consists of dynamic isomerism?
16 At which position does indole primarily undergo electrophilic substitution?
17 Which intermediate is produced during the electrophilic substitution on aromatic hydrocarbons?
18 Name the property which requires a cyclic system be fully conjugated?
19 What describes the reaction between the diazonium ion reacting with cuprous salts?
20 what is the name of the property which enables to identify the stability of a product ?
1 How would you describe the alkyl added to a benzene ring through Friedel-Crafts alkylation?
3 In the chemistry of mono-substituted benzene the -meta directing reaction is more preferable than ortho/para. They both have three resonance forms. What’s the main difference between meta and ortho/para resonance forms?
7 Chains of various lengths can be taken for oxidation in benzyl chemistry. In the reaction between KMnO4 and benzene side chain there should be an element always present next to the benzoic carbon so the reaction would work and the product would be be
8 Benzene diazonium chloride reaction with fluoroboric acid at 0OC gives fluoro benzene. What is this reaction called?
10 How many pi electrons does nitrobenzene have?
11 What electrophile is required for a Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction?
12 What is the electrophile used in the nitration reaction? (____ ion)
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